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Wild tawny owl adopts chicks after her personal eggs fail

The cameras I cover in nest packing containers right here in Thixendale, North Yorkshire, imply that I’m aware of surprisingly dramatic tales. This 12 months a tawny owl tragedy I witnessed threatened to turn into an actual tearjerker – till fortunately a contented ending offered itself.

A tawny owl named Luna

The story featured an owl nicknamed Luna by followers of my YouTube Channel, the place I share reside footage from my nest cameras. Luna and her mate Bomber have nested in my backyard twice now, and each occasions their eggs did not hatch.

tawny owl named luna

Owl beneath assault

This 12 months, after patiently incubating her clutch for a month, Luna appeared gradual to just accept her loss and continued to sit down on her three shiny white eggs every week after they had been because of hatch. As she sat there, her hopes of changing into a mum dashed but once more, I seen a pair of jackdaws start to throw sticks into her nest. As a number of the sticks glanced off Luna’s wings the insult felt palpable. The jackdaws had been filling the tree cavity with nesting materials. This species typically makes a number of totally different nests earlier than lastly selecting one.

Tawny’s are aggressive, however Luna doesn’t assault

Nonetheless, because the nest entrance slowly jammed with sticks, I grew more and more frightened for Luna. A naturally aggressive species, this tawny owl merely sat on her eggs and didn’t budge as she was progressively trapped inside. It was fairly stunning to see how passive she was and all I may assume was that she simply didn’t realise that the sticks would finally block her exit. When she lastly bought off the eggs and tried to get out of the nest she panicked. It was very upsetting to see her so distraught and so I made a decision to intervene.

Eradicating jackdaw sticks

While I didn’t wish to disturb the jackdaws’ makes an attempt to nest, they’d now trapped an owl inside who would undoubtedly die if left there. I grabbed a ladder and climbed to the again of the nest field, the place there’s a small door to entry the cameras. As soon as I stepped out of the best way once more, Luna calmed down sufficient to see that there was now a approach out and rapidly flew away. I then eliminated the sticks. They had been wedged so tightly I actually needed to tug at them to get them out. There was no approach Luna would have been capable of get out.

Two tawny owlets rescued

Within the meantime, an area farmer contacted me to say that two tawny owl chicks had been discovered on the bottom by a straw stack. These owlets had fallen from a nest excessive within the stack and, for the reason that stack was in the midst of a discipline and because of be moved the subsequent day, there wasn’t an choice to put up an alternate nest field.

With out heat and meals these chicks would have perished and so I knew I needed to act rapidly. It’s by no means good to take animals from the wild, however I had a plan to maintain them as wild as doable. Luna, who had solely lately been getting ready for her personal eggs to hatch, was stuffed with maternal hormones. She was probably the best foster mom for these two.

I fed the owlets after which carried them rigorously up the ladder, inserting them gently contained in the nest. Then I retreated to my studio to observe what occurred subsequent on the reside screens.

Luna envelops the rescued tawny owl chicks

After some time the chicks started calling. I held my breath, hoping that Luna, or her mate Bomber, would hear the sound and return to the nest. After which the magic occurred. Luna flew into the nest. I counted a heartbeat as she paused to have a look at the 2 chicks after which she rushed proper over to the 2 owlets and unfold her wings over them protectively. It was as if she thought her personal eggs will need to have hatched whereas she was out.

tawny owl luna sees chicks for first time inside nest

She instantly broods the chicks

I couldn’t cease myself grinning as I watched her brood the 2 owlets – they had been already slightly too large to suit snugly beneath her however she merely enveloped them into her feathers. Over the subsequent few days, she fussed and clucked over them a lot that she would barely let her poor mate Bomber take a look in. 

Each time he introduced in meals for his new foster household, she grabbed it after which despatched him promptly off to fetch extra. I couldn’t have hoped for a greater end result, particularly since Luna is definitely a fostered owl herself. She was rescued again in 2017 and I positioned her into the very nest field she was now utilizing with a wild tawny owl pair who raised her as their very own.

It’s wonderful to assume how the story has turned full circle in that point.




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