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What to Know Earlier than Shopping for One

The Golden Comet rooster is likely one of the newer hybrid chickens that has been bred for excellent egg manufacturing.

It was initially ‘made’ for the business trade, but it surely has efficiently transitioned into small farms and backyards worldwide and is presumably essentially the most broadly stored hybrid hen.

This text will delve into its historical past and persona and study extra about this cheerful and productive little hen.

After studying this text, you’ll know if it’s the best hen in your flock.

Golden Comet Fast Breakdown

Golden Comet Cheatsheet
Kind N/A since it’s a hybrid
Class English
Temperament Docile and mild
Child-friendly Sure
Broody No
Warmth Hardiness Tolerat higher than greater birds, however nonetheless have some shade for them and loads of water
Chilly Hardiness Sure
House per hen 3-4 sq. ft per hen
Newbie Pleasant Sure
Eggs per yr 330
Egg Dimension Medium to massive
Egg Colour Gentle brown
Twin Objective Not essentially due to how small they’re
Mature Weight Male 96 oz (6lb)
Feminine: 64 oz (4lb)
Intercourse Hyperlink Sure
Comb Kind Single
Heritage Breed No since it’s a hybrid
Processing Age Prepared N/A
Lifespan 4-5 years
Price of Hen Between $3-$6 for chicks

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Historical past of Golden Comets

Flock of Golden Comet chickens

The Golden Comet is a sex-linked rooster. A intercourse hyperlink is just not a ‘breed’ within the true sense of the phrase. It’s a cross-breed or ‘hybrid’ rooster. This is a crucial distinction, as you will note.

In the event you mate a pure breed rooster with its’ personal type, the chicks will look the identical as their mother and father.

A intercourse hyperlink rooster is a sex-able hen at hatching; which means it’s straightforward to inform the males from the females.

It is a helpful trait for us hatcheries, because it implies that the hens might be retained for laying, and the males are sadly disposed of.

In the event you reside in an space the place you aren’t allowed roosters, intercourse hyperlink chickens are one of the best wager for having all women with no ‘oops’ within the pack.

The golden comet rooster outcomes from a mating between a New Hampshire rooster and a White Rock hen.

There are a number of pink intercourse hyperlink hybrids:

  • Gold Intercourse Hyperlink
  • Golden Buff
  • Pink Star
  • Cinnamon Queen

Generally all or a few of these names are used interchangeably, confuses individuals, and particular person hatcheries could have a unique identify for his or her ‘line’ of intercourse hyperlink birds.

Golden Comet Roaming


The Golden Comet is mostly a lightweight/medium reddish-brown, presumably flecked with some white feathers. It’s truly fairly a small hen for the standard rooster, with females weighing round 4lb and males weighing in at 6lb.

They’ve a single upright comb – comb and wattles being pink in coloration.

The beak is a yellow/brown coloration, and the eyes are yellow. Legs are additionally yellow, and the hen has 4 toes on every foot.

The golden comet rooster hen physique is an inverted triangular form with a ‘U’ form between the pinnacle and tail which is held fairly excessive, virtually perpendicular.

Breed Normal

As a hybrid, there isn’t a customary set for this hen.

Egg Laying and Broodiness

Golden Comet

Golden Comet chickens wonderful layers of medium to massive brown eggs.

They will lay from 5-6 eggs per week which places them on a par with the Rhode Island Pink hen.

They will put out a whopping 330 eggs yearly – that’s virtually an egg day-after-day!

True to their fame for manufacturing, these women can begin laying at 16 weeks and proceed to be very productive as much as across the two-year mark.

After that, egg manufacturing will drop off noticeably.

They are going to seldom go broody – it has been bred out of them, so if you wish to hatch some chicks, you’ll have to fireplace up the incubator.

That is the place the ‘hybrid’ half turns into essential.

You’ll not get a Golden Comet rooster from Golden Comet hens, and the offspring will crossbreed.

Keep in mind, the unique pairing was a New Hampshire rooster over a White Rock hen.

If you wish to ‘create’ a Golden Comet, that is the pairing you want.

In impact, you want a flock of White Rocks and a few New Hampshire roosters to take care of your flock.


The Golden Comet rooster is described as a personable and curious hen, could be very mellow, and doesn’t thoughts being picked up by of us.

In truth, some of us say the Golden Comet rooster breed truly seeks out individuals over its’ personal flock mates.

They’re resilient, tolerating a huge number of temperatures. As with most single comb chickens, preserve an eye open for frostbitten combs whether it is freezing the place you reside.

They simply turn out to be household pets as they’re so pleasant and mild. In a flock state of affairs, they’re peaceable members.

They dislike any squabbling or pecking typically and can transfer away from the troublemaker if they’ll.

They’re higher to maintain with breeds which might be calm and non-aggressive as this can keep away from them being picked on. Appropriate breeds to combine with could be Cochins, Plymouth Rocks, Faverolles, or Orpingtons.

Golden Comet Chicken

Well being Points and Welfare

A Golden Comet rooster shouldn’t have any actual issues in her first 3 years apart from the same old prospects of worms, lice, mites, and so forth.

As they had been bred to take care of a excessive manufacturing charge, their lifespan is normally shorter (typically lower than 4 to 5 years).

As with all excessive manufacturing hens, they most frequently succumb to reproductive tumors, egg yolk peritonitis, or different reproductive points.

Golden Comet Chicken

Is the Golden Comet Hen Proper For You?

If you would like hens that can produce an abundance of eggs for your loved ones, look no additional than the Golden Comet.

She has a prolific output and lays very early. The draw back to that’s after 3 years, you have to to switch the flock with new women if you wish to preserve egg manufacturing.

The Golden Comet rooster is nice for teenagers; they’re mild, get pleasure from individuals, and aren’t simply ‘rattled’ in most conditions. They appear to take every part of their stride.

Golden Comets are additionally nice for a 4H challenge or a rooster newbie as they’re a reasonably low-maintenance hen that may be virtually self-sufficient.

They tolerate confinement effectively, but when allowed to free-range, they’re good little foragers.

Why This Hen Is Proper for You

  • The hens begins laying eggs very early

  • This rooster will get together with different chickens

  • This rooster is pleasant with individuals and youngsters choosing them up

  • They do not actually have many diseases the primary 3 years so long as you monitor lice/mites

FAQs on the Golden Comet

Technically Golden Comets might be dual-purpose.

Though the hens are small, they wouldn’t feed a household on their very own. Nevertheless, the males can be utilized for meat.

Sure you’ll be able to! However like we stated earlier than they don’t seem to be one of the best setter, so it’s finest to go for the incubator from the get go.

Golden Comet Hen: Abstract

Hybrid hens such because the Golden Comet are nice birds for a small yard as they take up comparatively little area, they aren’t notably noisy, and they’re egg-laying dynamos!

As you could think about, two or three years of pretty fixed egg-laying take a toll on their our bodies which is why they don’t normally reside to ‘previous age.

In a business setting, breeders would substitute these hens after two years most.

Golden Comet rooster hens are those that individuals obtain after they rescue hens.

They do go on to ‘come out’ these eggs for one more yr or so normally, however not as prolifically as earlier than.

People which have rescued them say they’re pleasant birds to have round your yard.

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Do you may have any in your flock? Please share your story with us within the feedback part under…

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Golden Comet Chicken- What to Know Before Buying One

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