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Water Intoxication: What occurs when your canine drinks an excessive amount of water

All of us have heard the significance of conserving ourselves and our pets nicely hydrated, however do you know that they will drink an excessive amount of water? That’s proper, there’s a situation known as water intoxication, and it may be fairly harmful.

So, what precisely is water intoxication in canine and the way does it even occur? On this article, we are going to clarify this curious situation and how one can stop it in your water-loving canine.

What Is Water Intoxication In Canine?

Water intoxication goes by a number of names comparable to hyponatremia (lack of sodium within the physique), water poisoning or hyperhydration.

The best way {that a} canine develops water intoxication is by ingesting a big amount of water that then results in the physique dropping important sodium, creating an imbalance. This sodium loss causes cells to swell with fluid. When this occurs, components of the physique which can be encased in bone, such because the mind, can even swell and trigger strain within the skull. This added strain may cause doubtlessly deadly points with the central nervous system.

The onset of this situation is fast and as a result of severity and potential for dying, it will be important that any suspicion ought to be adopted up together with your veterinarian instantly.

Eating ice is a strong reason for dogs to start on the route to water intoxication
Consuming ice is a robust motive for canine to begin on the path to water intoxication

How Do Canine Develop Water Intoxication?

Usually, particularly in us people, water intoxication comes from consuming an excessive amount of fluid after vigorous train or some sort of water consuming competitors.

Comparitively, in canine, the incidence occurs primarily with canines who’re:

  • Energetic swimmers,
  • Divers
  • Water-retrievers
  • Allowed playtime with the hose or sprinkler
  • Allowed to eat ice

Did You Know?
A small or toy breed of canine will probably be faster to develop water intoxication than a medium-sized or bigger breed of canine merely due to the scale and weight distinction.

The rationale that water intoxication is seen extra in our canine companions is that they don’t sweat, subsequently their our bodies need to work more durable to get rid of extra fluid.

What Are The Signs Of Water Intoxication In Canine?

In case your pet has been enjoying within the water and you start to note any of the next signs then contact your veterinarian instantly.

  • Bloating
  • Lethargy
  • Pale gums
  • Vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Glazed eyes
  • Problem strolling/staggering
  • Out and in of consciousness

In additional extreme circumstances the place the extreme fluid has triggered swelling of the mind, neurological signs comparable to the next will be seen as nicely.

  • Problem respiratory
  • Seizures
  • Coma
Playing with sprinklers or hoses for long periods of time can cause water intoxication
Enjoying with sprinklers or hoses for lengthy intervals of time may cause water intoxication

Which Canine Are At A Larger Threat Of Water Intoxication?

The excellent news is that there aren’t any specific breeds which can be extra vulnerable to water intoxication than others.

Nevertheless, canine that aren’t skilled swimmers or are being conditioned for water-retrieving or rescue workouts will be put in conditions the place they are going to be in danger for ingesting an extreme quantity of water.

Some canine, such because the terrier breeds, can have a excessive power drive and spectacular ache tolerance which might result in them pushing by means of signs of discomfort, providing you with much less response time when the extra extreme points, comparable to issue strolling and respiratory, lastly are seen.

Then, it’s good to know that canine who’ve a decrease focus of physique fats are additionally faster to develop water intoxication as a result of there’s much less tissue to soak up the extreme fluid consumption.

Different canine which can be bred for actions within the water, like Labradors, Newfoundlands and the Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, are much less prone to develop water intoxication.

Whereas we aren’t 100% sure of the rationale behind this, we are able to solely assume it is because of their inherent swimming skills and genetic conditioning through the years of coaching and breeding.

dog swimming in dock diving and retrieving dummy at risk of water intoxication
Dock diving is a superb canine sport for canine who love water, the thought is that they study to leap from a dock right into a pool of water and retrieve a dummy suspended above the water! This will positively expose your canine to water intoxication.

How Do You Deal with Water Intoxication In Canine?

Treating water intoxication will be profitable if the pet is introduced in whereas nonetheless having the delicate to reasonable signs. The very first thing to do is to right the sodium imbalance throughout the physique, and one of the best ways to perform that is by means of the administration of intravenous electrolytes. This should be performed with care, as overcorrection the sodium loss can result in different neurological issues.

Typically veterinarians will select to manage medicine, comparable to Mannitol, to assist relieve the strain on the mind and even diuretics, comparable to Lasix, to encourage the removing of inside extra fluid.

As a result of the topic of water intoxication isn’t generally mentioned or discovered about in lots of veterinary applications, this situation will be simply misdiagnosed as trauma, overexertion and even hypothermia.

Water retrieving golden retriever going after some ducks in the pond
Water retrieving golden retriever going after some geese within the pond – this, while golden retrievers are typically much less susceptible to water intoxication, it’s a good suggestion to keep watch over their water consumption.

How Can You Stop Water Intoxication In Your Canine?

As all the time, prevention and training is essential!

Now that the signs and the methods with which water intoxication can occur, you might be already forward of the pack. Whether or not your canine has a pool or a sprinkler, listed here are a number of of the preventative strategies and issues to be careful for when the one you love companion is having some summer time enjoyable within the water.

1 – What’s your canine’s swimming fashion?

Does your canine splash loads or maintain their mouth open barely when swimming? Do they wish to gobble the water when it comes out of the hose or sprinkler?

In that case, then your canine is a type of which can be at a higher danger of water intoxication and they need to be faraway from their splashing and play time for frequent relaxation breaks.

2 – Restrict their time within the water.

This touches on the very last thing that was talked about from #1. Frequent relaxation breaks are extraordinarily essential, particularly in case your canine is swimming or diving into the water to retrieve toys.

To assist fight the difficulty of them swallowing an excessive amount of water whereas dock diving or fetching a toy, you will discover them a flat toy for his or her water excursions as they’re much less prone to trigger your canine to swallow extreme quantities of water.

diving from a dock into the ocean can risk water intoxication or even salt poisoning for this golden retriever
diving from a dock into the ocean can danger water intoxication and even salt poisoning for this golden retriever

3 – At all times supervise your canine whereas enjoying with or within the water.

Take into consideration your canine like a small baby – you wouldn’t go away them unsupervised with water as harmful and life-threatening issues can occur. Even when they aren’t susceptible to drowning in a pool or different physique of water, canine with sprinklers and backyard hoses could not know when to cease consuming.

4 – If that your canine has a consuming downside.

Effectively, I’m not speaking about that form of consuming downside. However some doggos simply actually like water and can go to city on consuming it if they’re left to their very own units. Canine like this could, typically, not be left with limitless entry to water, irrespective of the state of affairs.

factor right here is the Whistle Change – as a result of it really exhibits you your canine consuming fee. Which is actually attention-grabbing and it’s one thing that might warn you to underlying medical points, and/or in the event that they’re simply consuming an excessive amount of if you happen to’re involved!

Actually, the medical monitoring that the whistle swap offers is so attention-grabbing!!

IMG 886A0DCD2E7D 1
A screenshot from Shelby’s Whistl swap – you may see that she’s drank extra right now than she did yesterday, I do know that it’s because Shelby was ‘digging’ and that concerned consuming grime right now, so she obtained fairly thirsty because of this, so all the time give it some thought virtually.

5 – Have water obtainable.

Yeah, I do know, that appears foolish, proper? Effectively, belief me, it is going to assist. As soon as a canine turns into extraordinarily thirsty, they’re extra prone to gorge and ingest an extreme quantity at one time, both leading to water intoxication or (finest case situation) they puke instantly.

If a canine has a small, drinkable water provide in a canine bowl, they’re extra prone to drink that as they turn out to be slightly thirsty right here and there, as a substitute of over-ingesting a lot later.

6 – Know your canine’s well being.

Typically canine can really feel very thirsty attributable to sure medical circumstances. As an illustration, endocrine issues like Cushing’s illness, and circumstances like diabetes and kidney failure may cause polydipsia. Which is actually only a fancy physician time period for elevated consuming.

In case you suspect that your canine is in search of out water to drink for a possible motive apart from being thirsty, then it could be clever to name your veterinarian for an appointment and a few blood work.

drinking running water is great for cooling your dog down, but water intoxication is a thing you should look out for
consuming operating water is nice for cooling your canine down, however water intoxication is a factor you need to look out for

7 – Restrict your canine’s Ice consumption

Ice is water, and sure! It has cooling properties, however because it thaws it may be simply as problematic. Strive to not deal with ice cubes as treats, and customarily you’ll be fairly okay. As all the time, that is over ingestion. one or two right here or there will probably be positive.

What About Contemporary Water Vs Salt Water?

That is significantly essential for homeowners that frequent salt water seashores with their canine. When canine are swimming within the ocean, they’re susceptible to ingesting the tremendous salty water, which in extreme quantities can result in sodium poisoning, or hypernatremia (an excessive amount of sodium within the physique).

The signs of salt poisoning or hypernatremia in canine are:

  • Vomiting
  • Lethargy
  • Dehydration
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Suits and muscle tremors
  • Confusion/disorientation
  • Uncontrolled bowel actions or diarrhea
  • Extreme thirst
  • Extreme urination

Like hyponatremia, aka water intoxication, the ingestion of an excessive amount of salt water may cause an equally harmful and detrimental impact in your canine’s physique and central nervous system, even leading to dying.

In case you suspect that your canine has ingested an excessive amount of salt water, then contact your veterinarian instantly about getting them seen. Any of the above signs warrant a right away veterinary go to!

As all the time: Name Your Vet!

In case you don’t know what’s occurring? And also you’re undecided what the difficulty is? Name your vet!

Discover different options to maintain your canine cool

Water intoxication is one thing that many homeowners had no thought may even occur. This situation is usually a really sneaky and life-threatening emergency, so staying well-informed and educated is the primary a part of stopping this from taking place to you and the one you love canine companion.

In case you are involved that your canine has ingested an excessive amount of water whereas having a enjoyable play session outdoors within the yard, on the pool and even on the seashore, then please contact your veterinarian instantly as water intoxication is doubtlessly deadly if left untreated.

Writer, Ali Smith

Ali Smith is the Constructive Pet Professional, canine coach and is the founding father of Rebarkable. She is captivated with serving to pet dad and mom get issues proper, proper from the beginning. To assist create a pet able to being a assured and adaptable member of the family and maintain puppies out of shelters.

Ali has received a number of awards for her canine coaching, and has had her weblog (this weblog!) rated as 2021 & 2022 worlds’ finest pet weblog!



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