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Tawny Owl Luna’s Tragic Loss Has a Completely satisfied Ending

That is the story of a wild tawny owl named Luna who’s eggs fail to hatch and it has a really completely happy ending. 

Lunas Story

The story begins in January as Luna and her mate Bomber search for someplace to nest. This owl couple are a longtime pair and nested right here at my residence in North Yorkshire final yr, when their eggs sadly failed.

Beech Stump

Beech stump is an owl field I made (from an previous beech stump) a few years in the past and in reality that is the place Luna grew up. Sarcastically, Luna is herself a fostered owl and again in 2017 I positioned her on this field with a wild tawny owl pair who raised her as their very own.

Nest Revamp

However since Bomber & Luna have been right here, I’ve made some renovations and the owl pair appear shocked at the way it has modified. However they appear to love it and it isn’t lengthy earlier than Luna begins scraping out a hole into the sawdust. This can do for an egg.

Combating Off Competitors

The newly restored nest has caught the attention of some different birds too and Luna and Bomber should see off barn owl Gylfie earlier than they’ll quiet down to creating it their residence. Take heed to them name to 1 one other.


Tawny owls make their nests in holes in timber, and each male and females scrape out the hollows the eggs will sit in. Luna additionally appears to love so as to add her personal touches and I see her choosing off bits of bark and making residence enhancements.

Egg Laying

By mid-Could, Luna lays her first egg. However whilst she sits brooding it a jackdaw after which a kestrel land at then entrance. Luna stays calm. Tawny owls lay eggs each two to a few days… and even with disturbance from jackdaws exterior… 64 hours later she’s laid a second egg. After which a 3rd, 64 hours after that. Her clutch of three is now full.


Tawny owls incubate their eggs for roughly 30 days and as Luna quietly broods the clutch Bomber drops in with common meals deliveries.

Then Tragedy Strikes And Luna Is Trapped

However a month later, regardless of Luna’s fixed brooding there aren’t any indicators of hatching and it turns into clear that but once more Luna’s eggs have did not hatch. To make issues worse, the jackdaws have returned… this time, beginning to carry nesting materials into the doorway. Inside hours, the nest entrance is filled with sticks. And Luna is trapped inside.


In the meantime, I get a name about two owl chicks discovered on the bottom at a close-by farm. They’ve fallen from their nest in a straw stack… and the bales are about to be moved. With out heat and meals these chicks might perish in a matter of hours.

Owlets Get Intensive Care

I’ve to behave shortly to maintain these chicks alive. There’s no alternative however to rescue them. Again at base, the chicks are fed. It’s by no means good to take an animal out of the wild, however this actually was the one choice.

And A Plan Hatched To Place Them With Luna

Luna is the best foster mom for these two. She’s nonetheless making ready for these eggs to hatch, so she’s stuffed with maternal hormones.

However First I Have To Launch Her

In the meantime, within the nest, Luna continues to be trapped. If I don’t take away the sticks she is going to die. To forestall her hurting herself, I take away the again of the nest. And together with her gone, the nest could be cleared.

Luna Meets Her New Chicks

I couldn’t have hoped for a greater final result. Luna rushes in and envelopes the 2 chicks, brooding them immediately. It’s virtually as if she was anticipating them.

Subsequent Time

Hold watching my channel for the subsequent chapter on this story, because the chicks meet foster owl dad Bomber and prepare for his or her first flights.


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