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Misplaced Homing Pigeon Travels 4,000 Miles From The UK To Alabama

A racing pigeon by the identify of Bob has been the topic of marvel and awe this month after being discovered a number of thousand miles off target within the U.S. state of Alabama.

In response to the Monroe County Animal Shelter in Monroeville, Alabama, the chicken was found by an “aged gentleman” who seen an unusually tame pigeon that might not go away his property. The pigeon, because it seems, was sporting the leg bands that are usually utilized by pigeon keepers to determine their birds.

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Pigeon from Throughout the Pond

This led workers on the Monroe County Animal Shelter to an unimaginable discovery. Seemingly anticipating to return Bob to a neighborhood pigeon hobbyist, they have been shocked to study that Bob had really come type a lot farther afield. Bob’s proprietor, Alan Todd, had launched Bob about 400 miles from his loft in Tyneside within the UK. Bob was anticipated to return inside about ten hours. A number of weeks later it was found that Bob had in some way crossed the Atlantic Ocean and located himself in Mexia, Alabama.

Pigeon in Flight
Picture by Tim Mossholder on Unsplash

After an unimaginable journey of over 4,000 miles, Bob was discovered to be in shockingly good situation. He was a bit underfed, however with the care of animal shelter workers he has already significantly improved and has been reunited with Mr. Todd through video teleconference. On the time of writing, the Monroe County Animal Shelter continues to be making an attempt to find out how greatest to return Bob to his nation of origin and reunite him together with his proprietor in particular person. Bob is a valued racing chicken whose estimated worth is over 1,000 kilos, or about 1,200 USD.

How Did Bob Get to Alabama?

So how does a single pigeon cowl handle such a frightening journey unscathed? Bob’s proprietor has a principle on that individual level. Alan Todd claims that when the chicken was discovered, he was lined in an oily substance. Mr. Todd means that the prized racing pigeon may need discovered his means onto a cargo ship, maybe an oil tanker, whereas nonetheless close to dwelling. This could account for the unbelievable distance that Bob lined.

In actuality, although, it isn’t unattainable for a pigeon to cowl large distances. The furthest a homing pigeon has ever been recorded to have flown was virtually twice the space lined by Bob. In 1931, a homing pigeon was launched in Arras, France and located its solution to Saigon in Vietnam. The voyage took twenty-four days.

Since getting into the animal shelter’s care, Bob’s situation has improved. In the intervening time, the shelter continues to look after the chicken till a return journey to the UK might be organized.

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