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Macaw Symbolism & Which means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Colourful and shiny, the Macaw is likely one of the most stunning unique birds on this planet. Recognized for his or her unimaginable capacity to imitate human speech, these birds actually embody the unimaginable rainforest habitats from which they originate.

In some cultures, the Macaw is considered the sacred mom of the human species. In others, the Macaw is a boastful creature who tries to outshine the solar. Learn on to study all in regards to the many traditions surrounding this distinctive chook.

Macaw Symbolism and Which means

Macaws are the biggest members of the parrot household and are well-known for quite a lot of distinctive and spectacular traits. For one factor, Macaws developed in colourful rainforest environments and, as such, are plumed in shiny and vibrant colours. These birds are additionally very well-known for his or her vocal skills. Alongside the vary of calls and songs that Macaws carry out, these birds are adept at mimicry and might be taught to repeat a variety of human speech and different sounds. For these causes, Macaws symbolize creativity, intelligence, communication, expression, and vivaciousness.

Extremely, the Macaw can reside for as much as 100 years underneath perfect situations. It’s not unusual for individuals who preserve Macaws as pets to should make preparations for his or her birds because of the chance that their Macaw will outlive them. So, Macaws could symbolize longevity, drugs, knowledge, therapeutic, and foresight. (1)

Pair of Macaws
Picture by Domenik Kowalewski on Unsplash

Macaws attain sexual maturity inside three to 4 years. Right now, they’ll usually select a mate. Macaws mate for all times, which is particularly spectacular contemplating their lengthy life spans. Macaw pairs bond very intensely with one another and spend most of their time collectively even when they don’t seem to be breeding. They preen each other, share meals, and fly shut collectively via the treetop cover of the rainforest. The Macaw is a incredible image of romance, constancy, lifelong companionship, and steadfastness. (2)

Macaw Native American Symbolism

Amongst the Zuni individuals, the Macaw symbolizes summertime and the South. Though Macaws are usually present in South and Central America, resulting from intensive commerce networks, many North American tribes had been acquainted with these birds. Some teams even stored Macaws in captivity. Macaw feathers had been traded all through the USA and are related to authority, knowledge, and shamanism. (3)

The macaw seems in Central and South American myths as a boastful creature which tries to outshine the solar, or as a matriarch from whom all people originated. The Macaw can be typically seen as a divine communicator resulting from its spectacular vocal repertoire.

Macaw in Goals

Dreaming of a Macaw could be a signal of shiny issues forward, however it could actually additionally act as a reminder to be conscientious of 1’s habits. As a result of Macaws reside such lengthy lives, the Macaw could be a reminder to not take issues so significantly. Look to the long run and know that petty issues won’t concern you on the finish of your life. Filling your days with companionship and joyful recollections is extra vital than the foolish points which cloud our minds with anxiousness.

Dreaming of a lone Macaw can signify loneliness or the seek for one’s life companion. Conversely, dreaming of a Macaw pair could signify that romance is on the horizon.

Macaw Encounters and Omens

A Macaw encounter could symbolize communication. That is very true if one encounters a home Macaw. These birds are extremely expert at mimicry and are able to reproducing human speech. Encountering such a chook is an indication that one wants to talk one’s thoughts with confidence. Holding again your ideas can result in resentment and frustration.

Macaw in Flight
Picture by Zdeněk Macháček on Unsplash

As a result of Macaws are sometimes exported from their rainforest habitats to steer lives in captivity, a Macaw encounter might also symbolize a want for freedom and company or a way that you’re not in a spot the place you belong. Take into consideration what actions you’ll be able to take to alter your surroundings and take management of the trail your life is on.

Macaw in Mythology & Folklore

The next are just some tales and legends from the Americas concerning the sensible Macaw!

Native American Mythology:

Macaws function within the mythologies of peoples all through Central and South America. Even some tribes who lie within the Southwestern parts of North America share legends of those clever and colourful birds.

Amongst the Zuni individuals of the Southwestern United States, there’s a legend which describes the separation of an historic tribe of peoples into the individuals of the Macaw and the individuals of the Raven. On this story, a fantastic priest by the title of Yanauluha appeared earlier than the individuals with a employees in his hand which was adorned with many colourful feathers and tinkling bells. The individuals had been intrigued by this merchandise and gathered round  Yanauluha. As his viewers grew, the priest struck the highest of his employees and blew on the feathers till 4 spherical objects appeared on the employees’s finish. Two of the objects had been shiny blue in coloration whereas two had been a uninteresting reddish brown. When the individuals requested  Yanauluha what these intriguing object had been, he defined that they had been eggs. Inside these eggs, he informed them, was the future of the individuals. In one of many coloured eggs there have been sensible birds cloaked in purple, blue, and inexperienced. These birds would deliver everlasting summer time and a lifetime of ease and lots to whomever adopted them. The opposite eggs would yield a colorless chook which might deliver a lifetime of arduous work and lengthy winters. (4)

Desperately hoping to decide on the colourful chook of the summer time, most people determined to nurture the brilliant blue eggs. They assumed that the multi-colored chook would hatch from the eggs that had been probably the most colourful. When the eggs hatched, the newborn birds didn’t but have feathers, so the individuals fed them scrumptious fruits and waited to see their colours. Ultimately, although, these birds grew solely black feathers and turned out to be ravens. So, the individuals who adopted the ravens turned the Raven Individuals. They toiled via lengthy winters and have become robust and clever. Yanauluha despatched the individuals who selected the opposite eggs, the reddish coloured eggs, far to the south. Their eggs hatched out into colourful Macaws. The individuals who hatched the Macaw eggs turned the Macaw Individuals and led lives of loads. They weren’t so robust because the Raven Individuals, however they had been clever. Yanauluha turned the solar which watched over each peoples on the paths which they selected for themselves. (5)

Macaw in Rainforest
Picture by Pauline Bernfeld on Unsplash

Mayan Mythology:

Alternatives from Mayan mythology had been preserved in a doc known as the “Popol Vuh” which dates again not less than so far as the early eighteenth century. The tales from inside this manuscript are a lot older. One story from the Popol Vuh describes a god often known as “Seven Macaw.” (6)

Seven Macaw was a shiny and flamboyant Macaw who beloved to adorn himself with colourful and glossy treasures. His nest was lined in metallic and mirrored a light-weight so shiny that Seven Macaw thought it may mild up the entire world. Seven Macaw crammed how beak with shiny tooth made out of valuable gems. As a result of he was so shiny and conspicuous, the boastful Seven Macaw started to insist that he was the brand new solar god. Offended at Seven Macaw’s blasphemy, the hero twins of the Popol Vuh devised a plan to deliver Seven Macaw all the way down to earth and cease his boasting. First, they adopted the chook to his tree and shot him with a blowgun. Their shot knocked Seven Macaw down and shattered his jaw and broken his eyes. Enraged, Seven Macaw snatched an arm off of one of many brothers and hung it up in his nest. Determined to retrieve the stolen arm, the twins recruited a clever previous couple who got here to Seven Macaw and informed him that they had been consultants at repairing jaws. Seven Macaw was delighted and welcomed them into his nest. As soon as inside, the couple started tending to his jaw. Little did the chook notice that the pair weren’t fixing his jaw however changing every of his shiny gemstone tooth with a plain white corn kernel. As soon as all of his tooth had been gone, Seven Macaw realized that he may not declare to be the solar god. With no function, he died on the spot and the brothers had been in a position to retrieve the arm that he had stolen. (7)

The Mayans related Seven Macaw with the “Huge Dipper” or “Ursa Main” contstellation. The deal with of the dipper was stated to be Seven Macaw’s lengthy tail feathers, whereas the ladle portion of the constellation was stated to be his physique. (8)

Inca Mythology:

In Inca legend the Macaw is a sacred chook. It’s stated that every one of mankind is descended from the offspring of a Macaw girl. Based on this story, the entire earth was as soon as lined by a devastating flood. Solely two brothers managed to flee the flood by climbing to the highest of a mountain which grew taller to guard them because the flood waters rose. When the water subsided and the brothers climbed down, they struggled to outlive on what meager meals had outlasted the flood. Ultimately, they constructed a home, however meals remained scarce for them. At some point, after a very unsuccessful seek for meals, the brothers returned to their home to seek out it stuffed with freshly cooked meals. Succulent meat, glistening ripe fruits, and scrumptious treats of every kind had been piled upon their desk. (9)

Macaw Eating
Picture by Fletcher Delight on Unsplash

Day after day, meals appeared for the brothers till sooner or later they determined to lie in ready and see who was bringing this bounty. Once they did so, they noticed a gaggle of vibrantly coloured Macaws with the gorgeous faces of human ladies. The brothers leapt from their hiding spots to attempt to catch the Macaw ladies, however the birds had been too quick and escaped, taking their meals with them. The following time the Macaw ladies got here, the brothers devised a plan. They slammed the door of their dwelling shut and seized the smallest Macaw girl. Unable to flee, the Macaw girl turned the brothers’ spouse and finally gave delivery to 6 sons and 6 daughters. Over time, the youngsters of the brothers and the Macaw girl repopulated the human species which had been virtually eradicated by that mighty flood. So, the Macaw is the mom of mankind. (10)

Macaw Spirit Animal

If the Macaw is your spirit animal then you’re a artistic, emotional, clever, and expressive. Individuals with the Macaw spirit animal type very intense relationships with others and are are typically deeply empathetic and understanding.

The Macaw spirit animal is usually drawn to the humanities. Speaking their inside selves with others is that this spirit animal’s main aspiration, so arts are an vital software for reaching this. The Macaw spirit animal will get alongside properly with others however tends to type a lot stronger relationships with just some shut family members whereas sustaining a large circle of pleasant acquaintances.

Macaw Totem Animal

The Macaw totem animal is related to development and maturity. The Macaw can reside for as many as 100 years. With such an extended life, the Macaw totem animal represents the numerous modifications that an individual undergoes while unlocking their potential. The Macaw totem embodies the depth of knowledge and maturity which a soul can solely obtain via amassing experiences.

On this method, the Macaw totem additionally represents the significance of experimentation and danger taking. No person turns into completely clever with out testing the boundaries a bit!

Macaw Energy Animal

The Macaw energy animal represents drugs and therapeutic. The lengthy lifetime of the Macaw mixed with the truth that Macaws are in a position to withstand the poisonous results of a number of the toxic meals they eat connects these birds with well being and wellness. (11)

Flock of Macaws
Picture by MARCIN CZERNIAWSKI on Unsplash

The Macaw’s energy is a superb reminder to deal with the variables that you could management in the case of your well being. 100 years is a very long time and us people can reside that lengthy too with the precise habits and a bit luck.

Macaw Tattoo Which means

A Macaw tattoo could also be chosen to symbolize creativity, expression, mind, or sociability.

A tattoo which encompasses a pair of Macaws would possibly symbolize the unimaginable pair bonding exhibited by these birds.


The Macaw is a ubiquitous image of the wild and delightful rain forest. These habitats, in all of their breathtaking glory, are dwelling to a number of the most intelligent, beautiful, and emotionally developed birds on this planet. As companions to people and, particularly, as wild symbols of the rain forests, the Macaw is unparalelled.



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