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Lavender Orpington: Breed Info, Care Information, Egg Coloration and Extra

Our current article on the Buff Orpington was nicely obtained and prompted people to ask about Lavender Orpingtons – it appears that evidently lavender is the ‘in’ colour for the time being!

Orpingtons are available a big number of colours and patterns.

These previous couple of years have seen a gradual rise in curiosity for Lavender and Blues.

Lavender Orpington Fast Breakdown

Lavender Orpington Breakdown
Kind Orpingtons are a Commonplace breed though this colour will not be acknowledged
Class English
Temperament Calm and pleasant chicken
Child-friendly Sure
Broody Sure
Warmth Hardiness Want loads of shade and water throughout the summer time months
Chilly Hardiness Sure
Area per chicken 4-10 sq. ft per chicken
Newbie Pleasant Sure
Eggs per 12 months 170-200
Egg Measurement Medium
Egg Coloration Gentle Brown
Twin Function Sure
Mature Weight Male: 160oz (10lb)
Feminine: 128 oz (8lb)
Intercourse Hyperlink
Comb Kind Single, 5 level
Heritage Breed No
Processing Age Prepared Between 16-20 weeks
Lifespan 8-10 years
Price of Rooster Between $4-$8 per chick relying on intercourse

The Lavender Orpington is an exquisite, pleasant breed that may lay as much as 200 eggs annually.

On this article, we’ll focus on all you might want to find out about Lavender Orpingtons, their disposition, egg-laying capabilities, broodiness, and crucially, is it appropriate to your flock?

Lavender Orpington

Let’s begin by wanting on the historical past of the Orpington breed to offer you some background info.

Lavender Orpington Background

The unique Orpington was created in England again within the Eighteen Eighties by a fellow referred to as William Cook dinner who lived within the village of Orpington in Kent, England.

His imaginative and prescient was to create a chicken that was an honest layer and appropriate for the desk. Up till this time, the typical English hen was a fairly skinny and unappetizing affair.

He succeeded in his endeavor, beginning with the Black Orpington, which assured him the success he desired on either side of the Atlantic.

From the Black Orpington, he created a number of different Orpington colours – Buff being probably the most well-known and liked.

Mr. Cook dinner created a ‘model’ somewhat than a breed initially.

When he created the Buff Orpington, he used totally different breeds of fowl from the Black Orpington. The black was composed of Langshan, Barred Rock, and Minorcas, whereas the Buff was formulated of Cochin, Dorking, and spangled Hamburgs.

This was a bit controversial in its day however is extensively accepted follow now.

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The Orpington was on the endangered record of the American Livestock Breed Conservancy till moderately just lately.

Latest years have seen a major surge in people preserving poultry, and the Orpington has considerably benefitted.

The Lavender Orpington is a comparatively new number of the Orpington household. You can in all probability say it’s a ‘designer chicken.’

It began with the famend and revered breeder Priscilla Middleton within the mid-Nineties’ UK.

It has taken her a few years of cross-breeding to get the precise dimension and sort she needed, however she has an imposing and profitable line of Lavender Orpingtons now.

The chicken is now extensively bred all through the UK and Europe, having breed golf equipment in a number of European nations and the UK and USA.

The USA began with Lavender Orpingtons a bit later than the UK, and the lavender remains to be comparatively arduous to search out in lots of areas.

Though described as ‘uncommon,’ whereas looking the web, I used to be amazed at how many individuals are breeding and promoting Lavender Orpingtons!

I think the ‘uncommon’ refers to good high quality inventory that complies with the requirements set for the Orpington hen generally.

Look and Temperament of Lavender Orpingtons

They’re a big fluffy, pleasant hen – they’ve a profusion of feathers, making them appear way more important than they’re.

They’re identified to be curious, docile, cuddly, and comparatively clever, which makes them cute!

As they’re so calm and quiet, they’re usually decrease within the pecking order than the extra assertive girls of your flock.

They get picked on by different hens, so concentrate on this and take care of it as wanted.

They’re stated to be good foragers, though they’re extra seemingly to hang around close to the feeders – being a bit on the lazy facet.

Breed Commonplace

The Lavender Orpington will not be an formally acknowledged colour selection within the US or the UK at the moment.

As with all Orpingtons, the lavender ought to seem as a heavy, Broad-bodied chicken standing low to the bottom. The again ought to be quick and curvy.

The tail is a bit on the quick facet.

Though they’re a big chicken, it’s fairly compact of their physique.

A mature rooster will weigh round 10lb, with a mature hen weighing 8lb or so.

Orpingtons ought to be nicely feathered with broad, clean feathers. The feathers ought to be ‘shut’ however not ‘tight’ or ‘fluffy.’

‘Tight’ feathers comply with the physique contour – finest seen in-game birds and ‘fluffy’ can be free such as a Cochin hen.

Toes and shanks are clear, slate/blue.

Often a chicken could have a number of feathers on the legs, this isn’t acceptable in present circles, however rigorous breeding can eradicate this.

The beak is darkish/ horn coloured, eyes a reddish bay colour.

Comb, wattles, and earlobes are crimson.

They’re a single comb selection sporting 5 factors.


In the event you’re a free-range fanatic and like to let your birds roam free, the lavender sits in the course of the pack so far as savviness.

They like to forage and received’t go hungry once they have loads of vegetation, bugs, and grubs to devour. However they’re a tad clueless with regards to preserving a watch out for predators.

The Orpington breed, generally, tends to get caught up in no matter it’s doing whereas free-ranging and should miss the warning indicators of a looming predator.

I’ve chased a hawk or two off my Lavender Orpingtons. You’ll be able to usually remedy this subject with the addition of a rooster to your free-range flock.

Lavenders are extraordinarily pleasant, most often, and can select to spend time close to you if you are out doing the chores.

In the event you’re on the lookout for a pleasant companion free-ranger, the lavender is a good alternative (primarily as a result of the roosters don’t are usually aggressive).

Lavender Orpington Egg Laying and Well being Points

As with most Orpingtons, they’re a fairly steady layer. They need to produce round 170-200 mild brown, medium-sized eggs per 12 months.

Since Orpingtons are identified to be broody, you may count on them to go broody about annually. They make wonderful moms, so when you have any eggs that want hatching, slip them beneath your Orpington!

Lavender Orpingtons are heavy birds, so perches ought to be decrease for them to keep away from any leg accidents.

They’re a ‘feather duster on legs,’ they’re liable to lice and mites beneath all that fluff.

They take pleasure in a great mud bathtub however preserve a shut eye on doable infestations, particularly across the vent space and beneath the wings. Winter is probably the most difficult time for them to remain clear until you’ve gotten an indoor mud bathtub for them.

The best way to Breed the Lavender Coloration

We have now talked in regards to the lavender gene briefly within the Blue Laced Crimson Wyandottes article fairly just lately.

In a nutshell – lavender (self-blue within the US) and (pearl gray UK) is recessive, diluting gene.

Diluting implies that it modifies the bottom colour. For instance – black is reduce to lavender, and crimson is diluted to straw colour. That is quite simple however offers you an concept of what the lavender gene does.

To breed lavender offspring, every of the father or mother inventory requires a replica of the lavender gene.

The method of making your line of Lavenders is fairly easy however time-consuming.

You would wish to purchase from at the least two or three unrelated bloodlines to make sure some measure of success in your venture. If you wish to discover out extra about this, learn this.

A notice of warning right here: The lavender gene is intently aligned to a gene that causes retarded feather development (often called the ‘tail shredder’ gene), which often pops up within the breeding course of.

Is The Lavender Orpington Proper For Your Flock?

The Lavender Orpington may take some time to get to know you, they are often shy at first, however they’ll quickly take pleasure in following you for treats or lap cuddles!

They’re very docile and calm – even the roosters, in order that they are perfect for young children to be round, though I’d by no means go away a small baby alone with any rooster.

As for tolerance to the chilly, they’re very chilly hardy; nonetheless they don’t do nicely in the event that they get moist, they’ll chill and die fairly rapidly. The hens often take pleasure in a blow-dry after a rub-down!

Excessive temperatures and warmth is usually a drawback for Orpingtons due to their dense feathering.

They want shade, cool water, and dirt bathtub areas available to assist cool them down. One other drawback with extreme daylight is that it’ll make the Lavender colour fade a little bit into tan/yellow overtones in mature birds.

Though the Lavender colour will not be accepted by the American Poultry Association but, it doesn’t preclude you from exhibiting should you so want.

Orpingtons are nice as present birds – they’ve a relaxed, virtually bomb-proof demeanor and tolerate an excessive amount of fussing and dealing with.

This additionally makes them an important venture chicken for the 4H membership, which many younger adults take pleasure in.


FAQs on Lavender Orpingtons!

Are Lavender Orpington Chickens Uncommon?

Sure, let me clarify. The lavender colour the hen has is a recessive gene. Which means each mother and father must have the lavender gene to be able to create a lavender orpington.

It isn’t as simple as “oh let me simply go store actually fast for a lavender orpington.” Breeders should have a rooster and a hen with that particular gene! And should you needed to breed one, it’s much more time-consuming.

Lavender Orpington: Abstract

The Orpington in any colour is a gradual, reliable hen. They’re pleasant, non-aggressive, and can give you an honest quantity of eggs.

The one drawback is their broodiness. In the event you don’t need broody hens, the Orpington will not be for you.

Then again, if you would like a hen that may sit on nearly any eggs, the Orpington could also be the perfect woman for you.

They don’t seem to be cheap – the typical worth of a chick right here within the US is round $21.00 or $45.00 for a dozen hatching eggs. As all the time – store round; you get what you pay for!

They’re most positively calm and stately birds so as to add to your flock. They may reward you with eggs, chicks and love!

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Do you retain Lavender Orpingtons? Tell us your expertise with them within the feedback part under…

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Lavender Orpington


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