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Kestrel Chicks: Feisty, Fierce & Able to Fly

Kestrel chicks have to be fierce to outlive within the wild. And it’s stunning how younger they start to show this hearth! Watch this movie to see how kestrels Apollo & Athena’s three fluffy chicks unfold their wings able to tackle the world.

Kestrel Chicks

From simply two weeks previous, kestrel chicks are left alone of their nest. Their dad and mom, Apollo & Athena solely go to to convey them meals. However their mom, Athena, doesn’t stray far and is there to defend them when a squirrel strays too near the nest.

Kestrels Are Fighters

Now they not have their meals fastidiously shared out amongst them by their mom Athena, it’s as much as the chicks to seize their share of deliveries and fights typically escape amongst them.

Kestrel Calls

The chicks spend their days contained in the nest ready for the sound of their kestrel dad and mom. The chicks can recognise the attribute calls and are prepared to leap for the meals once they hear their dad and mom arriving.

Kestrels Meals

Kestrels are carnivores and favour small mammals reminiscent of voles, mice, and shrews. However in onerous instances they may take what they will get. This has been a troublesome yr for Apollo & Athena, and so they’ve needed to work onerous for small rewards – resorting to small gadgets like younger birds and even worms!

UK Kestrel Inhabitants In Decline

Apollo & Athena initially had 5 chicks however sadly misplaced two due to an absence of meals. Kestrels are in decline within the UK, with an amber standing, so, to make sure the remaining two survived I supplemented their weight loss program.

Studying To Fly

At practically three weeks, the chicks start practising flapping their wings. Younger kestrels fledge 30 days after hatching, give a take a day or two.

And Getting Prepared For Looking

The eldest of Athena’s chicks is a day older than its siblings and preparing for independence. Watch it grappling on the nest flooring with its talons – that is the way it will finally catch its prey.

Fowl Ringing And Weighing

At 28 days previous, the kestrel chicks get identification rings and I uncover how feisty they’ve turn out to be when one in every of them digs its sharp talons into my finger. Ringing the chicks doesn’t harm them in any method, and the distinctive ring quantity is added to a nationwide database in order that the birds will be recognized sooner or later. After the ring is fitted, it’s time to weigh the chick. These measurements might be despatched on to the BTO, contributing vital knowledge about kestrel improvement.

Time To Fledge

At 31 days previous the eldest kestrel chick is able to go away the nest for the primary time. This is called fledging and is when the younger chook takes its first quick flights. And two days later the remaining kestrel chicks additionally take to the wing.

Studying To Hunt

The juvenile kestrels stay near nest for an additional month the place their mom Athena continues to feed them till they’ve discovered to hunt for themselves.

This Kestrel Story

It’s been unimaginable to look at this kestrel household. Apollo & Athena have come such a great distance, and turn out to be a terrific crew. Due to their onerous work, these chicks have grown into robust younger falcons.



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