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How Lengthy Do Exhausting Boiled Eggs Final: The Full Information

Conserving eggs recent has at all times been a problem.

Lower than 100 years in the past refrigeration was a luxurious for the wealthy, so retaining eggs recent relied on ingenuity and the staples of the home.

On this article we’re going to be speaking primarily about arduous boiled eggs; easy methods to, storage, vitamin.

That is all you ever wished to learn about arduous boiled eggs, multi functional place.

We can even discuss a few scrumptious recipes which can be easy to organize, however let’s begin with the fundamentals…

Exhausting Boil an Egg

Hard Boiled Egg Cooking Time

Have you ever ever tried to peel a recent hard-boiled egg?

In case your eggs are actual recent it’s nearly unattainable.

The shell clings so tightly to the egg that you find yourself with an egg that appears prefer it has been half eaten, both that otherwise you threw them throughout the room in frustration!

It was a very long time earlier than I discovered the key to recent arduous boiled eggs – right now I’m going to share it with you.

Steaming the eggs is the key! Place your eggs in a steaming basket within the saucepan with sufficient water to return to the underside of the basket – I usually do a dozen at a time. Cowl the pan.

Activate the warmth and produce to a boil, cut back warmth however be sure that water remains to be boiling and steam is rising.

As soon as the water is boiling set your timer:

  • Small bantam dimension eggs (20 minutes).
  • Massive rooster eggs (25 minutes).

After the time is up pour out the new water and substitute with chilly water. Repeat once more and add numerous ice to the water – you need to ‘shock’ the eggs.

When they’re cool you may peel them, begin by rolling them throughout a tough floor to assist shatter the shell; then peel below operating chilly water.

They nonetheless take a little bit persistence to get them began however when you get within the groove you should have them carried out very quickly.

How Long Do Hard Boiled Eggs Last_

How Lengthy Do Exhausting Boiled Eggs Final?

Exhausting boiled eggs with their shell nonetheless on, will final one week within the fridge.

You need to put them in a container and date them so you may keep in mind whenever you cooked them.

Place them at the back of the fridge so that they keep cool.

Shell off eggs final between 5-7 days.

They need to be stored in cool water (change day by day) or put them in a container with a humid towel over them.

In the event that they begin to really feel a little bit slimy – toss them out. It’s necessary to maintain them at a steady, cool temperature as they’ll final a little bit longer.

Accurately Retailer Exhausting Boiled Eggs

Hard Boiled Egg

The worst potential place to retailer eggs is within the door.

I can keep in mind again within the days when the fridge got here with a particular egg compartment – within the door!

The door is topic to all kinds of temperature change each time you open and shut it.

You need to retailer your eggs (recent or in any other case) in a carton, or container, on a shelf in the midst of the fridge and nearer the again than the entrance.

This ensures the eggs are stored at a extra fixed temperature and due to this fact not as more likely to ‘go off’.

Exhausting boiled eggs don’t do properly within the freezer. They flip rubbery and a bit slimy – very unappetizing.

Various Strategies of Storing Eggs

There actually are solely three common methods to retailer unused recent eggs.


Pickled eggs are a yummy deal with and easy to make.

Pickling your eggs will lengthen their lives to round 4 months after which era they have an inclination to get a bit rubbery.


Right here within the US and Canada all eggs needs to be refrigerated, why is that?

To fight salmonella and different nasty little bugs that may make you sick, america Division of Agriculture states that every one eggs needs to be ‘energy washed’ to take away grime and organisms.

Sounds nice, however the washing additionally removes the protecting ‘bloom’ on the egg permitting easy accessibility into the egg for micro organism after they’ve been washed, so refrigeration is critical.

Some farming considerations right here within the US have began vaccinating their flocks to forestall salmonella, however nonetheless the eggs should be washed in response to the USDA.

Within the UK and lots of different nations, eggs are sometimes saved on the counter at room air.

Most UK and European flocks are vaccinated for salmonella so the egg is fit for human consumption at room temperature as a result of the ‘bloom’ is retained.


On the top of the egg laying season I do freeze a pair dozen eggs which I take advantage of later for baking, it’s a great way to protect a few of these additional eggs for later occasions when eggs are more durable to return by.

Freezing eggs does alter the feel considerably so they’re actually solely match for baking as they lose their freshness simply.

You may freeze the entire egg – simply beat all collectively such as you would should you have been making scrambled eggs.

I take advantage of a big ice dice tray to freeze them in. Remember to coat the tray with a little bit cooking oil in any other case they stick like glue!

Eggs will be saved for as much as one 12 months within the freezer. You can’t freeze ‘shell on’ eggs.

Different Strategies of Storage and Preparation

Peeling Hard Boiled Egg

Should you don’t have or desire a fridge, how do you retailer eggs? Our nice grandparents have been very creative and a few of us nonetheless use these strategies right now.

It’s price talked about that every one of those strategies name for recent, unwashed eggs, grocery store eggs are a no-no.

Salt Packing

You may stand recent ‘shell on’ eggs in salt layers. Be certain they’re saved level downward and that they don’t contact one another. Cowl with salt and proceed to pack the eggs.

The storage space needs to be above freezing and dry. It’s stated they’ll hold for a number of months.


In a pan place a quart of water and warmth. Add salt till the water will not dissolve the salt (round 1/eighth of a pound).

Place eggs very gently right into a quart jar, and when the brine has cooled, pour slowly over the eggs. Place a plastic lid on the container and retailer in a cool place.

The brining course of will take about 3 weeks and the eggs ought to hold for a number of months.

Century Eggs

Sounds intriguing, doesn’t it? Nicely, they aren’t fairly a century outdated, nowhere close to in truth, however they’re a Chinese language delicacy.

The standard approach of constructing Pidan (century eggs) was time consuming so fashionable science has sped up the method.

The eggs soak in a mix of salt, calcium hydroxide and sodium carbonate for 10 days.

As soon as faraway from the combination, the getting old course of begins. The eggs are wrapped in hermetic plastic for 15 weeks or extra. They’re now prepared for consumption.

The yolk has now turned to a gray/inexperienced creamy consistency and the white is now a darkish brown salty jelly – the entire thing smells fairly strongly of ammonia – take pleasure in!

Exhausting Boiled Egg Dietary Info

Everyone knows that eggs are good for us, however simply how good are they?

This data relies on one massive egg:

  • Protein – 7gm
  • Fat – 5gm – 7% Really helpful Every day Quantity
  • Ldl cholesterol – 187mg – 62% RDA
  • Sodium – 63mg – 2percentRDA
  • Potassium – 63mg – 1% RDA
  • Vitamin A – 5% RDA
  • Calcium – 2% RDA
  • Iron – 3% RDA

Eggs additionally comprise vitamin D, B complicated, phosphorus, selenium, riboflavin, choline, and carotenoids (lutein and zeaxanthin).

All of these things mix to present you a healthful enhance of vitamin.

How Lengthy Do Exhausting Boiled Eggs Final: Abstract

As now we have seen right now, among the outdated time strategies are nonetheless utilized in locations the place they don’t have fridges and so they work properly sufficient.

Keep in mind for all these preserving recipes you want recent eggs. Grocery store eggs shouldn’t be used for long run storage.

If any of you on the market have tried the century egg – please tell us within the feedback part beneath…



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