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Griffin Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

The legendary griffin is a creature of ferocity and the Aristocracy. Often depicted as half lion and half eagle, this historical beast is greater than the sum of its elements. Majestic, robust, and imbued with magic, the griffin is a typical heraldic image which joins the lion’s valor with the eagle’s class. It’s no marvel that many aristocratic households selected this beast to signify them. (1) Though the griffin itself could also be not more than a fable, we will draw inspiration from this magnificent creature by understanding its historical past, symbolism, and the virtues embodied by the creatures on which the griffin is predicated.

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Griffin Symbolism and That means

The fantastical griffin, gryphon, or gryfin has been part of human tradition for a really very long time. As early as 2000 BC, this image appears to have originated within the historical Center East and has since grown into the globally acknowledged griffin of legend. (2)

Like many different fantasy beasts, the Griffin is made up of traits from a number of animals. Sometimes, griffins have a lion’s physique with the wings, head, and generally the talons of a fowl. Often this fowl is an eagle. As a mix of two creatures, the griffin embodies the very best traits of each of the animals that are current in its kind.

griffin statue with blue background

Griffins are widespread heraldic symbols representing the would possibly and the Aristocracy of aristocratic homes. Like dragons, many conventional myths see griffins as guardians of hoards of dazzling treasures. In contrast to dragons, although, griffins are sometimes thought-about to protect their treasure out of a way of responsibility and righteousness fairly than egocentric greed. The griffin has been used as image of safety and guardianship since historical instances. (3)

Griffin Native American Symbolism

Griffins will not be typically current in Native American traditions, nevertheless the eagle is without doubt one of the emblems of the creator. Eagles are divine creatures which typify the virtues of a warrior. As well as, eagles have been thought-about to have intense therapeutic powers. (4)

The killing of eagles is a critical taboo amongst many Native cultures. One Cherokee legend demonstrates the hazards of slaying eagles. On this story a younger man kills an eagle and that very same night time his village is visited by an odd warrior who frightens a number of males to demise along with his voice. This unusual warrior is ultimately revealed to be the slain eagle’s brother. (5)

illustration of a griffin

Cougars, or “mountain lions,” are additionally discovered in lots of Native American traditions. Related to magic and witchcraft, looking, therapeutic, wealth, and safety, these mighty beasts are the closest equal to the lion half of the griffin that one can discover in Native tradition. (6)

Combining the qualities of those two creatures collectively would undoubtedly lead to a regal, fierce, and highly effective guardian spirit.

Native American cultures even have a number of legendary creatures of their very own. Amongst these is the mighty “Thunderbird.” Though definitely missing the leonine qualities of griffins, these large legendary raptors will be the closest Native equal. The Thunderbird is related to storms and the sound of thunder is usually likened to the beating of its highly effective wings. (7)

Griffin Japanese Symbolism

Asian myths, tales, and creative motifs characteristic many beasts which could possibly be known as “chimeras.” A “chimera” is a time period used to explain monsters with physique elements from many alternative animals. The time period originates from a monster in an historical Greek legend. (8) Griffins are undoubtedly chimeras attributable to their composition.

In China, an important legendary beast of all is the dragon. Chinese language dragons are available in many alternative types, however many have bird-like talons and leonine faces. Dragons are related to the Chinese language New Yr, with success, and with the Aristocracy. (9)

griffin head statue

In Japan, the “Nue” is a chimera with traits of a monkey, a tiger, a tanuki, and a serpent. This creature is without doubt one of the oldest “Yokai.” Yokai, or “apparitions,” are important items of Japanese folklore and mythology. The Nue is claimed to have been an evil monster which attacked the emperor of Japan. When the Nue was killed, it’s mentioned to have been buried at a web site known as “Nuezuka” which continues to be visited to this present day. (10)

In Hindu mythology, Garuda is a robust fowl which resembles a kite or an eagle. Garuda is the holy car of the god Vishnu and is commonly depicted with 4 arms or with another humanoid options. (11)

Griffin Christianity symbolism

In Christian symbolism, the griffin represents Christ himself. In accordance with the Bible, Jesus was born unto a human mom and was generally known as the “Son of Man.”

In Matthew 8:20:

“Jesus replied, “Foxes have dens and birds have nests, however the Son of Man has no place to put his head.”” (11)

This is only one of many situations wherein Jesus or a disciple seek advice from him as such. Being born unto people, Jesus is human. Regardless of this, he’s additionally understood to be the son of God. In contrast to peculiar males, Jesus is given the power to carry out miracles in his father’s title.

This dualism has impressed some Christians to undertake the griffin as a logo of Christ. Because the lion is grounded to the earth, so is Jesus a human man. However, the eagle belongs to the sky which is the realm of the heavens. Thus, Jesus is each the son of God and of mankind in the identical means {that a} griffin belongs in each the earth and the sky. (12)(13)

griffin statue

Griffin Celtic Symbolism

Gryphon or griffin has been talked about in lots of European tales. Actually, the “gryphus” from Greek is probably going the origin of European griffin symbolism, though the griffin itself may need come from the Center East. 

In Medieval Europe, the griffin turned the image of knights. Thus, a lot of the Celtic symbolism of the griffin is linked with power, bravery, valor, conflict, victory, and energy. 

illustration of two griffins

The griffin image turned one of the vital standard motifs for the ornament and ornamentation of helmets, coat of arms, and of crusader shields. Irish and Welsh people tales are stuffed with griffins and griffin legends. 

In lots of of those legends, the griffin is depicted as an clever beast which guards over treasures.

Griffin African Symbolism

In Africa, the legendary Roc fowl is carefully linked to the griffin. These giant birds decide up the cadavers of people and carry them off to devour them. So robust have been the Rocs that they might even swoop down upon elephants and carry them off. 

The well-known Moroccan traveler, Ibn Battuta, described in his writings that in his travels between Africa and Asia, his ship encountered a mountain that was not on any map. 

The robust winds and waves of the ocean began propelling their ship straight into the mountain. 

griffin statue

All of a sudden, the mountain moved upwards and began to fly, revealing itself because the Roc fowl. At this, all of the ship’s arms began bidding farewell to at least one one other.  However quickly, the wind modified route and the Roc fowl didn’t see the ship. (14)

In Egypt, the griffin image is most just like the long-lasting Sphinx. This mighty creature combines the options of a lion and a human. Many Egyptian gods and monsters are chimeras of some sort. Horus, the king of the gods, consists of human and falcon options. (15)

Griffin in Goals

Dreaming of the mighty griffin is bound to be a memorable expertise. If this legendary beast has discovered its means into your desires then it’s possible you’ll count on some challenges in retailer. The griffin is mighty and protecting. Its look reminds you to protect carefully that which you maintain pricey.

Dreaming of the griffin might point out a way of indecision. it’s possible you’ll really feel torn between two paths in the identical means that the griffin is drawn each in the direction of the earth and the sky. Observe, nevertheless, that the griffin isn’t required to decide on only one way of life. Just like the griffin, you may fortunately discover all sides of your self.

illustration of a griffin

Griffins might generally signify righteousness, justice, or fact. Dreaming of a griffin is an efficient reminder to just be sure you are taking the excessive street and residing your life in accordance with an ethical code that makes you are feeling proud.

Dreaming of griffins may point out a need to attach with one’s inside baby. Griffins are widespread in fantasy tales and encourage awe and marvel in human hearts. Dreaming of griffins could also be an opportunity to reconnect together with your favourite childhood tales or with the childlike curiosity inside you.

Griffin Encounters and Omens

Griffins are legendary beasts, so encountering one can be a particular factor certainly. Regardless that they aren’t actual, we will encounter griffins within the type of artwork, tales, and even persistent ideas.

If griffins maintain popping up in your life, think about the issues that matter to you. Griffins guard their treasures valiantly, however not each treasure is a fabric factor. A griffin encounter could also be a reminder to do what you may to guard and strengthen your relationships, your abilities, or your expertise. All of this stuff will be invaluable treasures.

griffin statue

Griffins usually signify management. For those who carry on encountering griffin symbols, think about whether or not you’re actually in command of your life within the areas the place you need management. Perhaps you’re completely happy in your function at residence however would like some further duty at your work place. Perhaps you’re able to run your personal enterprise. In any case, the griffin reminds you to fearlessly take the reigns and turn into the grasp of your personal future.

Griffin Mythology and Folklore

Greek mythology contains many mentions of a hybrid creature known as the Gryps. In most Greek legends, this animal-bird hybrid was depicted as a monster with an eagle’s head, a lion’s physique, and utterly lined with feathers. (16)

In many aged tales, the Gryps have been a race of creatures who spent their time retrieving gold from the mountains the place they constructed their nests. These nests have been consistently underneath assault by the Arimaspians. These have been a race of grasping males with only one eye. The Gryps and this race of Cyclops would conflict consistently over the dear gold which the Gryps have been sure to guard. (17)

illustration of two griffins

A few of the early Greek writings which characteristic the griffin point out that this creature originated from India. A lot of those sources appear to point a perception that the griffin was an actual beast. (18)

Griffin Spirit Animal

The lion is the undisputed king of beasts, whereas the eagle is commonly seen because the king of birds. Put collectively, the hybrid griffin is the grasp of the sky and the land. Somebody with this spirit animal is more likely to be an adaptable chief who’s comfy in quite a lot of totally different conditions and environments.

The griffin spirit animal is a pure chief with an inherent need to guard others. Empathy for folks from all walks of life is without doubt one of the virtues of this distinctive spirit animal. Individuals with the griffin spirit animal are noble, sort, forgiving, and pushed by a powerful sense of justice.

Being made up of two of essentially the most regal animals round can generally go to the griffin’s head. Vanity and stubbornness are a few of the most important shortcomings which may current themselves when coping with the griffin spirit animal. Griffin spirits are likely to need to lead in practically each state of affairs. Whereas they’re proficient at bringing folks collectively, the griffin spirit animal might should be reminded that every now and then even the best leaders should enter the function of follower.

Griffin Totem Animal

The griffin totem animal is related to magic, marvel, and storytelling. Griffins are legendary creatures which have by no means really roamed the earth. Regardless of this, the majestic griffin has impressed the human creativeness since not less than 2000 BC. (19) Thus, the griffin totem is the embodiment of the inspiration and marvel that lives inside the human spirit.

The griffin totem animal reminds us to not lose our sense of curiosity and fascination with the world. Whereas literal magic might not exist, the world is filled with magical experiences.

Griffins usually seem in fantasy tales. As such, these creatures signify the artwork of storytelling. Storytelling is the spine of human connection. The griffin totem permits us to attach with others by means of this historical and noble artwork.

griffin statue

Lastly, the griffin totem animal represents guardianship and imaginative and prescient. In some tales, griffins are guardians of large hoards of treasure, and even of whole kingdoms. If the griffin is your totem animal then this creature imbues you with a way of vigilance, duty, and responsibility.

Griffin Energy Animal

The ability of the griffin is ascension. As a terrestrial mammal, the lion is generally sure to the earth by gravity. The griffin frees the mighty lion and permits the king of beasts to take to the skies. If the griffin is your energy animal, look to this creature as a logo of freedom, religious enlightenment, and divinity.

illustration of griffin

As a hybrid of two animals, the griffin embodies the strongest traits of each the eagle and the lion. The griffin energy animal demonstrates the ability of embracing one’s strengths and rising above weaknesses. Select the very best model of your self to reside with every day and also you’ll discover that self enchancment is a pure outcome.

Griffin Tattoo That means

A griffin tattoo generally is a significant means of conveying one’s private values. Power, majesty, class, and safety all emanate from the griffin.

For somebody who has undergone numerous religious progress of modifications, a griffin tattoo is perhaps chosen in an effort to signify the approaching collectively of various facets. Discovering methods to reconcile totally different elements of your self at all times makes you stronger ultimately.

Just like the lion, a griffin tattoo might signify ferocity, satisfaction, knowledge, braveness, and energy. Just like the eagle, a griffin tattoo would possibly signify management, foresight, intelligence, and sharpness. Put collectively, a griffin tattoo is an unbeatable beast.

illustration of griffin

In some variations of the griffin fable, these creatures are mentioned to be monogamous and deeply loyal to their mates. So, a griffin tattoo might signify romance and constancy.


Though the griffin might not be an actual creature, it’s evident that this beast has had a really actual impact on human cultures all over the world. As an inspiration for artwork and tales, and for example of noble virtues, the griffin is a potent legend. Regardless that there aren’t any “actual” griffins, the sprit of safety, guardianship, and honor that griffins signify will be felt within the hearts of individuals all over the place!




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