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Full Story of Kestrel Couple’s First Yr – Kestrels Apollo & Athena

This movie follows a kestrel couple as they overcome their early, awkward, courtship to turn into wonderful dad and mom to 3 kestrel chicks.

Kestrel Nest Cam

Filmed utilizing cameras hidden inside their nest field, Ash Hole, that is the actual life story of two very totally different kestrel characters.

Kestrel Characters

Apollo, the male, is younger and inexperienced. That is his first each breeding season and he’s alternately both somewhat carried away or completely overwhelmed. In distinction Athena, the feminine, is an older falcon and has probably already raised chicks no less than twice earlier than. She has a no-nonsense way of living and infrequently will get impatient with Apollo’s haltering makes an attempt to please.

Kestrel Courtship

It’s regular for male kestrels to search for nest websites after which name out for a feminine, hoping she approves of his selection. We decide up the story once I discover Apollo calling from a tree in a close-by Ash Wooden, making an attempt to draw a mate.

Wrestle To Discover A Mate

Sadly, there may be competitors for appropriate nest websites right here and every time Apollo chooses a spot, one other hen species occupies it earlier than he can entice a feminine to it.

Kestrel Nest Field

I resolve to assist Apollo out by constructing a brand new nest field particularly for him. This nest was a part of a wider mission to enhance the habitat on this woodland. Learn extra about it right here:

Kestrel Eggs

Inside days of erecting my field, Apollo calls and Athena seems. They waste no time in settling down collectively and beginning a household. Simply 10 days after their first meet, Athena lays the primary of their 5 speckled brown eggs.

Turbulent Beginnings

However Apollo’s youth and inexperience typically will get him into bother along with his new companion. Athena usually berates him – watch her lure the poor male kestrel towards the wall as she squawks at him for not bringing her meals when he arrives to assist incubate their eggs.

5 Kestrel Chicks Hatch

Apollo quickly learns who’s boss and, because of his diligent help, 5 tiny chicks hatch out. With 5 mouths to feed, there isn’t any longer time for squabbles and this kestrel pair quickly settle right into a rhythm of attempting to find and feeding their chicks.

Tragedy Strikes

However earlier than lengthy they extra severe challenges to beat. It has been a chilly, dry spring and the rodents that these kestrels hunt are in brief provide. The nights are additionally freezing, with common laborious frosts.

Robust Choice

Because the meals provide dwindles, Athena decides to hitch Apollo looking. She must stability the necessity to maintain her chicks heat with the necessity for meals. It’s a troublesome determination to should make and sadly two chicks perish.


I resolve to assist and start to drop meals into the nest to assist the three remaining chicks survive.

Kestrel Couple Persevere

Due to Apollo & Athena’s dogged willpower, and with somewhat assist from me, the three chicks survive.

Kestrel Chicks

Watching the chicks develop, and at last take flight is a heartening sight. After such a troublesome begin in life these kestrels are already displaying the ferocity they are going to little doubt must survive. Watch them squabble for meals as soon as Athena stops sharing it out pretty!


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