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Episode 18 – Love within the Time of Chasmosaurs

Barely later than deliberate, because of the vagaries of existence (ah, sure), Episode 18 is one thing of a Prehistoric Planet particular, as Niels, Marc, and Natee take a short sojourn away from Classic Dinosaur Artwork to wax lyrical in regards to the a lot lauded Apple TV+ documentary sequence. May we probably heap but extra reward onto it amid the common acclaim? Palaeoartist Gabriel Ugueto was among the many over 1,500-strong staff of creatives and scientists who lent their powers to the sequence, and although he’s nonetheless contractually not permited to speak about his function in it, we nonetheless get to listen to about among the many initiatives he has not too long ago accomplished and is at present engaged on, together with the Extinct guide sequence written by Professor Ben Garrod, and Gabriel’s personal title on Triassic tetrapods.

Within the Information

  • Ovum-in-ovo: a titanosaur egg-within-an-egg signifies that sauropod reproductive biology was nearer to that of birds than reptiles. Paper by Dhiman et al.
  • One more new spinosaur from the Isle of Wight suggests that it’s the largest carnivore in Europe up to now found. Paper by Barker et al.
  • The identical Psittacosaurus mongoliensis specimen which has revealed a lot about its life look now provides us the oldest preserved umbilical scar: a dinosaur ‘stomach button.’ Paper by Bell et al.

Prehistoric Planet

The complete Palaeosphere could have already talked about it, however we’re jolly properly going so as to add our personal enthusiastic tuppence price. That’s on high of Sophie’s personal put up about it, and Marc’s earlier sequence of quick evaluations, written as every episode aired. It’s only a bit good, isn’t it?


Herpetologist, palaeoartist, and the authentic #Paleobae (a title conferred upon him by our lord and blogmaster, David Orr) inform us of his latest and ongoing initiatives. Hear in regards to the stress cooker of a deadline that examined even one of many quickest working palaeoartists alive. And simply what’s the least favorite factor about palaeoart, in line with the neighborhood? The books Gabriel illustrated for Ben Garrod’s Extinct sequence will be discovered right here.

Mammoth is Mopey

David and Jenny Orr’s charming and delightful prehistoric alphabet guide, initially printed in 2015, will get a brand new and improved second version! Order it right here.



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