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Enthusiasm is just not sufficient. Who mentioned that about analysis?

I by no means met Sir John Gaddum. He died in 1965, shortly after ill-health compelled his retirement, three years earlier than my arrival on the Institute of Animal Physiology at Babraham; Richard Keynes had succeeded him as Director. Many if the pharmacologists Gaddum had appointed had been nonetheless round and tales of his seven years on the Institute, in addition to earlier in Edinburgh, abounded. Most of them involved his indecisiveness, particularly in approving minor expenditure throughout a time of relative lots. I learn extra about Gaddum a few years in the past whereas writing a biographical memoir on Len Goodwin. Gaddum was a buyer (‘the untidy Dr Gaddum’) on the shoe store Len’s father managed and there have been interactions of the 2 pharmacologists later in life. William Feldberg (1900-1993) wrote Gaddum’s biographical memoir for the Royal Society; he included 26 notable quotations from Gaddum’s works. Many are involved with pharmacology and its ramifications however three are of specific word and I want I had seen them sooner after I was able to deploy them with impact.

On analysis: Enthusiasm is just not sufficient.

It’s often a waste of time to amass a brand new analysis instrument after which go searching for issues to which it is likely to be utilized. 

It’ll most likely all the time be extra necessary to strive a factor out than to argue about it.

Unattainable as it’s to supply recommendation to anyone setting out in science within the twenty first century by those that operated and survived within the twentieth, these three Gaddum quotations are tenets which might be timeless.

from Report for 1964-1965, Institute of
Animal Physiology, Babraham, Cambridge
London: Agricultural Analysis Council

Feldberg W.S. 1967. John Henry Gaddum 1900-1965. Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society 13, 57-77.



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