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Easy methods to Retailer Eggs in Water Glass

Earlier than refrigeration grew to become commonplace, submerging eggs in water glass was the popular technique of storage. Water glass, also referred to as sodium silicate, is a glassy strong (silicon dioxide) that dissolves in water. It has quite a few industrial makes use of, together with as a meals preservative and a desiccant (silica gel pack) to guard delicate objects from absorbing moisture. Liquid water glass is a syrupy, concentrated answer of sodium silicate. It’s main use by owners is to seal concrete.

Equally, the aim of liquid water glass as an egg preservative is to seal the shell’s pores to attenuate evaporation from the egg and inhibit micro organism from coming into. Water glass imparts no style or odor. It causes a silica crust to develop on the skin of the shell, however doesn’t penetrate the shell.

Easy methods to Use Water Glass

Water glass solely contemporary eggs, the identical day they’re laid. Candle the eggs to eradicate any with blood spots or meat spots. Use solely clear (not cleaned) eggs which can be freed from cracks. Place the eggs, pointy finish down, in a scalded glass jar, stoneware crock, or sterilized meals grade bucket with a tight-fitting lid. A 1-gallon jar or bucket will maintain about three dozen eggs.

Mix 1 half water glass to 10 components boiled, cooled water and blend totally. Insufficiently diluting the answer will trigger it to gel, making dealing with the eggs troublesome.

Slowly pour the cooled liquid over the eggs till the answer covers the eggs by not less than 2 inches. Don’t save leftover answer. Seal the container with the lid to stop evaporation.

When you don’t have many eggs at one time, proceed including eggs and contemporary answer till the container is full. At all times be sure the answer is not less than 2 inches above the topmost eggs.

Retailer the container in a cool place the place the temperature is above freezing however ideally not increased than 40°F. While you’re prepared to make use of an egg, take away it from the container and rinse it off.

At 35°F, eggs in water glass will hold for six months or extra. Even at a temperature as excessive as 55°F, eggs in water glass will stay passable for cooking for a number of months.


Whereas working with water glass, take care to not spill any. Scrape off and wipe any spills instantly. Water glass is an adhesive that sticks quick as soon as it has dried.

Sodium silicate is alkaline and might trigger chemical burns. As a precaution, put on disposable waterproof gloves and security goggles when dealing with water glass. Totally wash your palms afterward.

Water glass is dangerous when swallowed. Remember to totally rinse eggs saved in water glass earlier than utilizing them.

When you’re questioning if sodium silicate is okay to pour down the drain, think about that many of the main model drain cleaners embody sodium silicate. It inhibits or reduces corrosion in PVC and steel pipes by forming a protecting glassy movie.

Beneath the very best storage circumstances, eggs lose a few of their contemporary taste and grow to be bland tasting over time. The whites will ultimately get skinny, and the yolks will flatten when cracked right into a pan, making them much less appropriate for frying or poaching than for scrambling or incorporating into recipes. No matter their age, a good suggestion is to crack every egg right into a cup or small bowl earlier than utilizing it, to make certain it nonetheless seems and smells contemporary.

Is Storing Eggs in Water Glass Protected?

Pennsylvania State Extension says: “We can not suggest the usage of water glass for the reason that security of merchandise preserved utilizing this ingredient has not been evaluated scientifically.”

Then again, Oregon State Extension says: “You may lengthen the shelf lifetime of eggs by storing them in a compound often called water glass.”

Quite a few anecdotal accounts of households that saved eggs in water glass previously, or that presently achieve this, could also be discovered on-line. They point out that the apply is protected and retains eggs contemporary for as much as two years. Nevertheless it bears repeating that the eggs should be same-day contemporary and clear from the nest.

Refrigeration is, after all, the most secure technique to retailer eggs. However the place refrigeration isn’t obtainable, or is iffy, water glass provides an alternate.

And that’s immediately’s information from the Cackle Coop.

Gail Damerow is the writer of Storey’s Information to Elevating Chickens.



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