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Duck Symbolism & That means (+Totem, Spirit & Omens)

Lovable and ubiquitous, the duck is among the many animals which is usually discovered sharing habitats with people. Genuinely charming and likeable, scientists working for the “LaughLab” experiment on the College of Hertfordshire within the UK concluded that the standard duck is the funniest animal round and is the topic of the funniest jokes. (1)

Geese are sociable, pleasant, and fill their environments with a way of pure magnificence and stability. On prime of that, geese are widespread domesticated animals which have contributed a lot to human agriculture. In so some ways, the duck is among the most unimaginable animals round and it’s fortunate for humanity that even in most city environments, geese will be discovered having fun with the water options of native parks. Geese join us with nature and with the numerous virtues that they embody. Learn on to be taught extra in regards to the magnificent duck!

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Duck Symbolism and That means

Geese are very family-oriented animals. Though just a few duck species mate for all times, most geese are perennially monogamous, which means that they may courtroom one mate per breeding season and stay collectively all through the method of nest development and egg laying. (2)

Younger ducklings imprint on their moms and comply with them intently till they develop sufficiently old to fend for themselves. Mom geese, for his or her half, are diligent, attentive, and really protecting over their broods. So, geese might signify motherhood, parenthood, constancy, household connections, safety, belief, and innocence.

ducks flying

Lots of the most recognizable species of geese, together with the long-lasting Mallard, are sexually dimorphic. Which means that men and women of this species have very totally different appearances as soon as they attain maturity. (3)

For that reason, geese might signify stability, opposites, and both masculinity or femininity.

Lastly, geese typically seem in cartoons, books, and youngsters’s media of all types. One thing in regards to the duck’s waddling gait, its huggable form, and its raspy quack has endeared mankind towards this widespread aquatic hen. The duck has come to signify playfulness, silliness, enjoyable, childhood, gentleness, and mischief.

Duck Native American Symbolism

Geese are the frequent topic of Native American legends, though they most frequently seem as gullible targets simply ready to grow to be the subsequent meal of a wily trickster. Some variations of the “Earth-diver” fantasy recommend that the duck helped the creator to make all the world’s continents by retrieving them from the mud on the backside of the primordial sea. (4)

One Menominee legend serves as a wonderful demonstration of the duck’s gullible nature. On this story, a hero named Manabush asks the flock of geese to shut their eyes as he sings to them. Having fun with his singing, the geese start to bounce with their eyes shut. (5)

Whereas the geese did as they have been informed, Manabush stealthily grabbed them by their necks and killed them one after the other. One of many geese opened its eyes and warned the others to flee. Manabush cursed this vigilant hen to have crimson eyes perpetually. That hen was the Grebe. (6)


One Blackfoot fantasy makes use of a boastful duck to exhibit the implications of vanity. On this story, a mighty falcon pursues a household of geese. The falcon strikes the daddy duck within the sky, however fails to catch him and plummets to the bottom with a damaged wing. He spends a whole 12 months ravenous and recovering his power. Simply because the falcon is about to surrender, the geese return to their springtime house. A duck lands in entrance of the falcon and begins to boast about how he cleverly evaded the falcon’s assault the earlier 12 months. Listening to this, the injured falcon regains his power and catches the duck finally. If the daddy duck had not foolishly boasted about his victorious escape, the falcon may by no means have mustered the power to catch him. (7)

Duck Jap Symbolism

In China, the duck, particularly the Mandarin Duck, is symbolic of real love and romance. Though they actually solely pair up for a single 12 months at a time, Mandarin Geese have lengthy been held in China as symbols of lifelong partnership and devotion. Because of this, Mandarin Geese are widespread ornamental motifs for weddings. (8)

In keeping with one Chinese language folks story, a younger maiden named Ying Mei, who was the daughter of an essential official, fell right into a pond. Her father’s gardener, a person named Yuan Ge, leapt into the water after her to save lots of her from drowning. When Ying Mei’s father noticed this, he interpreted Yuan Ge’s actions as an tried assault and had him imprisoned regardless of his daughter’s protests. Ying Mei snuck into the jail and delivered a multicolored gown to her savior with whom she had fallen in love. When her father heard of this, he had Yuan Ge thrown into the pond with stones tethered to his toes. Ying Mei was so distraught that she drowned herself in the identical pond. Not lengthy after that, a pair of Mandarin Geese appeared within the pond and have been by no means as soon as seen to half from each other. The folks concluded that these geese have been the souls of the ill-fated lovers. (9)


The Japanese expression, “kamo ga negi wo shottekuru,” roughly interprets to “the duck comes with a leek over its shoulder. This expression pertains to good luck and conjures a picture of a tasty feast which walks its manner onto your plate, fixings and all. (10)

Some of the well-known of Japan’s mythological monsters is the “Kappa.” This aquatic beast is usually depicted as a reptilian humanoid with options that resemble each a turtle and a duck. The Kappa, whose title means “river little one” is an impish creature whose conduct ranges from venturing onto land to drag innocent pranks to luring kids into the water to drown and devour. (11)

Duck Christianity symbolism

Geese are by no means explicitly named within the Bible, so their Christian which means is up for interpretation. Some see the cautious steerage of a mom duck as an emblem of non secular or household values.

1 Kings 4:22-23 might discuss with geese as showing on Solomon’s eating desk:

Solomon’s each day provisions have been thirty of the best flour and sixty cors of meal, 23 ten head of stall-fed cattle, twenty of pasture-fed cattle and 100 sheep and goats, in addition to deer, gazelles, roebucks and selection fowl.” (11)


A Christian folks story, which doesn’t seem within the Bible, depicts slightly boy taking part in with a slingshot and killing his grandmother’s duck. Scared, he hides the physique, however his sister sees him and threatens to disclose his misdeeds. In trade for her silence, she manipulates him into doing all of her chores. In the long run, the boy is bored with being her slave so he confessed to the grandmother and expresses his regret. His grandmother reveals that she knew from the start and already forgave him, however questioned when he would have the braveness to come back to her with the reality. On this story, the duck is used to signify the sins that God has forgiven and the methods by which Devil is claimed to control our fears and drive us away from God’s forgiveness. (12)

Duck Celtic Symbolism

In Celtic mythology, geese are sometimes used as symbols of femininity, divinity, and otherworldly powers. The goddess Sequana, who is claimed to be the supply of the French river Seine, is especially related to geese. Some depictions of this goddess present her gliding down the river in a ship whose prow is carved into the form of a duck’s head. (13)


A small church in Eire was named for Saint Colman O’Ficra who was the seventh century founding father of mentioned church. On the grounds of St. Colman’s there’s a nicely known as “St. Colman’s Holy Nicely.” Throughout the Competition of St. Colman, on the twenty seventh of October, pilgrims used to go to this nicely to look at the lengthy deceased saint. In keeping with legend, a gaggle of untamed geese took up residence on this nicely and have been beloved by St. Colman. After St. Colman’s demise, the geese continued to dwell underneath his holy safety. No man might kill or cook dinner these geese efficiently and if any member of the clergy have been to disrespect the church, then the geese would abandon it and the water would grow to be foul till justice was served whereupon the geese would return. In keeping with one legend, a Kite as soon as seized one of many geese however dropped useless earlier than it might eat and even injure the hen. (14)

Duck African Symbolism

In Africa, geese are intently linked to geese and swans, symbolically there are few distinctions drawn between these birds.

An Egyptian legend presents the duck in a divine posture, because the creator of the world. It’s mentioned to have hatched a golden egg from which the Solar was born. Together with the Earth god Geb and plenty of different deities, the “Nice Honker” created the world. This goose or duck god just isn’t essentially male however will be described as each mom and father of the universe. (15)


Egyptians selected this hen due to its migratory nature. They solely noticed the geese throughout summer time and thought they created themselves and thus made the world.

The Earth god, Geb, was additionally depicted with a goose head and is claimed to be the primary king on Earth. He symbolizes vegetation, in addition to deserts, which have been crammed with the useless. Geb had the ability to launch the deceased and imprison the unworthy. (16)

Duck in Goals

Dreaming of a duck might imply {that a} interval has are available in which you’d be well-served to look at your strengths and put together for a season of transition. Have you ever ever heard the expression “water off of a duck’s again?” This expression refers back to the manner that water merely rolls proper off of duck feathers as an alternative of soaking these birds. This expression is often used to discuss with a mindset by which you attempt to let adverse vitality harmlessly bounce off of you rather than dwelling on it and soaking it in. Dreaming of a duck can discuss with a should be versatile and to give attention to the positives in your life.


A duck dream may discuss with a necessity for stability. Have a look at areas by which your life feels out of whack and attempt to carry issues into a pleasant calm equilibrium.

Duck Encounters and Omens

Possibly you’ve had some nice interactions with the geese at your native park, or possibly migrating geese simply preserve passing over your own home. In any case, an encounter with a duck is sure to carry perception and cheer into your life!

Geese are beloved for his or her considerably foolish attraction. In case you’ve had a duck encounter, this is likely to be an opportunity to take it straightforward and revel in a little bit of brevity. Geese remind us to snort at ourselves and to “discover the enjoyable” in any scenario.


A duck encounter may additionally point out that you have to look under the floor of issues a bit extra. Geese are nice at diving beneath the water and gathering their meals. Earlier than making judgments, peek under the floor and assess the whole thing of your scenario.

Duck Mythology and Folklore

Many various Native American traditions characteristic tales involving hopelessly gullible geese. From Manabush to Wenebojo, a number of Native American heroes have taken benefit of this gullibility in tales by deceiving and catching geese. (17)


Penelope, the spouse of the Greek hero Odysseus, is claimed to have been deserted by her father who had desired a son. He solid Penelope into the ocean the place she was rescued by a flock of geese and returned to her household. Penelope’s father interpreted this as an omen indicating the advantage of this little one and so determined to maintain her and lift her as his favourite. (18)

The traditional Chinese language textual content, “Basic of Mountains and Seas,” describes a legendary beast generally known as the “Manman” or “Manman Duck.” The Manman is claimed to resemble a duck with only one eye and one wing. Solely when two Manman discover each other is the creature able to flying. The female and male should be part of collectively. The Manman is believed to result in storms. (19)

Duck Spirit Animal

The duck spirit animal tends to be present in down-to-earth folks with cheerful easy-going personalities. The duck spirit animal is sociable and will get alongside simply with others, though they do tend to be a bit aggressive.

Individuals with the duck as their spirit animal are usually very nurturing. It is not uncommon for the duck spirit animal to hunt careers in instructing, nursing, or hospitality. Individuals with this spirit animal like to really feel helpful and to brighten folks’s days!

The duck spirit animal may be very versatile and nice at rolling with the punches. In robust conditions, the duck spirit is extra prone to flee than stand its floor. Individuals with this spirit animal might generally discover it onerous to put down roots.

Duck Totem Animal

The duck totem is related to stability. Like the proper stability between masculinity and femininity exhibited by female and male Mallards, the duck totem brings reverse energies into stability collectively.


If the duck is your totem animal then you definitely seemingly have a expertise for bringing folks collectively and settling disputes. Chances are you’ll be the “peace maker” of your pal group and even your personal household.

Duck Energy Animal

The ability of the duck is versatility. Geese are comfy swimming above or under the water’s floor. They’ll fly nice distances and are much less clumsy on land than many different diving birds (although they’re nonetheless a bit clumsy). In some ways it may very well be mentioned that the duck has mastered all three of the earth’s areas.


Individuals with the duck as their energy animal are impartial, versatile, and comfy adapting to nearly any circumstance. The very best instances by which one ought to invoke the ability of the duck are when one feels most misplaced. The duck supplies the fortitude and optimism obligatory to overcome any impediment.

Duck Tattoo That means

A duck tattoo might signify cheerfulness, humor, friendship, innocence, and plenty of different virtues.

Geese are widespread cartoon characters and plenty of duck tattoos embody animated geese similar to Disney’s Donald Duck, or Warner Brothers’ Daffy Duck. These characters are fairly sassy and mischievous, so a tattoo that includes both of them may signify their personalities.

duck illustration

A tattoo of Mandarin geese, or any pair of geese for that matter, represents romance. Discovering somebody who actually “completes” you is not any straightforward feat. The duck represents this fortunate prevalence.


Because the official funniest animal round, the duck brings smiles into the lives of virtually everybody who encounters it. In case you really feel a particular reference to geese, look to the people lore of countries world wide and also you’ll shortly understand that you’re not alone in your appreciation of this particular hen!




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