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Dryosaurus – Details and Footage

Fast Dryosaurus Details

  • Was a automotive size lengthy
  • Weighed roughly as a lot as an grownup human male
  • Lived in what’s now North America
  • Lived throughout Late Jurassic Interval
  • Was an herbivore

Dryosaurus Footage

About Dryosaurus

Dryosaurus was first found in 1876 by Samuel Wendell Williston whereas on a fossil looking expedition in Albany County, Wyoming. 2 years later, this specimen could be named Dryosaurus by Professor Othniel Charles Marsh. The title means “oak tree lizard” as a result of it was assumed that it lived in a forest dwelling.

These dinosaurs are believed to have lived all throughout North America and Africa. Paleontologists have discovered specimens in United States in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming and have additionally discovered some in Tanzania in Africa.

When you take a look at Dryosaurus photos, you then’ll rapidly see that these dinosaurs form of appear to be Velociraptors. They’ve lengthy our bodies that appear to have been constructed for velocity. Not like Velociraptors, nevertheless, these dinosaurs weren’t carnivores. No, they had been herbivores, so that they in all probability lived off a weight-reduction plan of ginkgo, conifer and cycads. They could have additionally consumed leaves that had been on the forest flooring.

Dryosaurus had an extended neck and a stiff tail. Scientists have theorized that this dinosaur used its neck and tail for stability. This might have allowed it to run on its 2 legs at very excessive speeds with out tipping over. It could have additionally allowed this dinosaur to maintain balanced whereas it picked up meals with its 5 fingered claws. Particularly objects that it might have needed to decide up off of the bottom.

These dinosaurs had massive eyes, a sexy beak and a toothless higher entrance jaw. That’s to not say that it didn’t have tooth, nevertheless. Dryosaurus additionally had self-sharpening cheek tooth that had been in all probability used to masticate plant materials. Scientists additionally consider that these dinosaurs could have additionally used their cheeks to retailer meals–very similar to a chipmunk or a hamster.

Some attention-grabbing details about Dryosaurus are that though it was 10 ft lengthy, it was solely roughly the burden of a human male and was solely about 5 ft tall. Which signifies that it in all probability would have been a goal of predators. Particularly because it didn’t have any vital claws or different types of protection. Due to this fact, scientists have theorized that these dinosaurs in all probability defended themselves by being actually quick and with the ability to outrun bigger predators. It could have needed to have been quick to outrun such vicious predators because the Allosaurus.

It’s unknown whether or not this dinosaur traveled as a person or whether or not it traveled in herds like different herbivores are theorized to have carried out. Some scientists consider that since these dinosaurs had been fairly defenseless – besides for his or her velocity, in fact – then they in all probability did journey in herds. Nonetheless, their sheer velocity and evasiveness in all probability made their herds look extra like flocks of birds touring on the bottom. Capable of abruptly transfer course if there was hazard.

Dryosaurus Footage



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