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Coonhounds – The whole lot You Want To Know Earlier than You Get One

Coonhounds are powerful canine to personal, however they’re tremendous cute puppies – and because of this? They typically find yourself in rescues or shelters

Coonhounds are one of many few breeds that stay whose heritage is simply floor deep. Which means they’ve not been bred for pets as a lot as most different breeds. So, just about each coonhound is a hunter. And worse? They’re a hunter who isn’t the identical as a Labrador, a Weimaraner or Spaniel. They’re primarily based round their nostril and used to lead a hunt – to not simply take part. 

Then, there’s the truth that their “goal” the explanation for which they have been bred, is simply pores and skin deep. 

Quite a lot of breeds are slowly ‘forgetting’ their unique goal once we take a look at say, a present line golden retriever, they present minimal of their unique breed goal of retrieving and being pushed for the suitable issues within the discipline. 

That’s simply not so with a coonhound. 

As they’re a comparatively trendy breed? They haven’t had generations of watering down that goal, as a substitute, when these canine are introduced into an off-the-cuff home-style surroundings, they’re arduous work. 

Basically? Should you’re contemplating getting a coonhound as a pet? Learn this primary and let’s be sure to’re the suitable residence for them.

Please word: I say this as a coach and a coonhound proprietor in a non-working surroundings geared toward individuals bringing a coonhound into a house, non-working surroundings.

typical coonhound behaviour shown by lucy and shelby
typical coonhound behaviour proven by lucy and shelby – there was a squirrel up this tree and there was no approach they have been going to let it come down.

About The Breed: Coonhounds (typically)

There are 4 sort of “coonhounds”:

These canine are all basically related and but totally different to most hounds. As a result of they’re bred to work solely independently. They lead the cost, and the massive distinction between the breeds is the “goal”, i.e. some are bred for deer, others for raccoons, some are all arounders.

Shelby wearing a pink X-link harness from ezy-dog
xlink1large edited 1

Coonhounds: The Good

They’re splendidly energetic 

Should you’re on the lookout for a canine to do quite a lot of strolling or operating with? A coonhound is a superb alternative for you, as a result of they’re able to go as quickly as you’re able to go, and so they’ll run or stroll so far as you need. In actual fact? That is what they want. 

Our coonhounds common about 35k steps a day – I really feel that is what they want – and in comparison with the others of their breed on their monitoring machine they’re within the prime 10 of their breed each month – throughout the entire of the US. 

They’re extremely loving.

I’ve by no means gotten cuddles from any breed of canine like I’ve a coonhound. They’re pleased to be snuggled, and you’ll in all probability transfer earlier than they may since you’re both too sizzling, or they’re fidgeting quite a bit. It does typically lead to a extreme lack of non-public house at occasions? We’ve typically had 70 pound hounds sat on our shoulder, or curled on a lap or chest. 

They’re freaking cute

The traditional hound eyes, these splendidly lengthy ears, athletic determine? They’re really beautiful canine that may entice consideration. Additionally they are available an exquisite array of colors whether or not you need the ‘traditional hound’ white black and tan in a Treeing Walker, or the luxurious coat of a Redbone or Black and Tan, or the distinctive ‘roan-like’ coat of a Purple- or Bluetick! They’re really engaging wanting canine irrespective of who you’re. 

You’ll develop into a grasp of all scent-stimulating actions.

From monitoring to scatter feeding, coonhounds excel and are happiest after they’re utilizing their nostril, so investing time (and probably some cash) into scent work lessons, or nose-stimulating toys like snuffle mats, and even into creating search packing containers for them out of the amazon or chewy supply stuff. 

Doing that is nearly all the time the simplest approach of enriching a coonhounds life, it really works their mind in addition to their nostril and helps encourage leisure and happiness for them.

the big barker bed is specifically build for big dogs, a good bed can support a growing puppy and growth plates
the massive barker mattress is particularly construct for giant canine, a superb mattress can help a rising pet and development plates

Coonhounds: The Unhealthy

Laborious to inspire

Due to their propensity for the hunt? They’re arduous to inspire. Staying one step forward of them always is your problem as a result of as soon as they go into what I fondly name “Hunt Mode” switching them off of that? Is actually arduous. Nevertheless, when the hunt isn’t going? Meals works actually rather well. 

They’re not that playful…

Bodily? They’ll bounce round with you, however more often than not a ball, or squeaky toy is sub-par. They just like the hunt – the actual hunt – and discovering one thing else as fascinating as that’s fairly powerful. I’ve identified coonhound dad and mom to put money into RC Vehicles – one thing our two love is chasing after the 4-wheeler which provides them an important run across the yard (off-leash, after all)! But when that’s not an choice, it is perhaps troublesome. 

They’re Canines who’re ON or OFF. 

They sort of solely have two speeds. Go, or cease. On or Off. They usually really feel all their happiness at an 11, their anger at an 11, their starvation at an 11 (I hope you want drool!), and even anxiousness. It makes them arduous canine to attempt to steadiness out at occasions, and it might imply that your coaching feels very stop-start too. 

Fortunately? Once they crash out, they’re just about comatose, in order that’s positively a silver lining!

They are often fairly socially unacceptable…

Howling. Yeah. Tons and plenty of howling. For these with shut neighbours, or lower than tolerant neighbours? Their baying is just not a noise that everybody likes – heck – even I’m lower than eager in the event that they kick off at an inappropriate time (like 3am…). To not point out then in the event you determine you wish to take them right into a retailer…

We made that mistake. 

Shelby began mouse searching in tractor provide – seems they’d a bunch! 

lucy our redbone x bluetick (usually referred to as a redtick)
lucy our redbone x bluetick (normally known as a redtick) – howling her little coronary heart out.

Counter browsing… and trash diving

One in every of our two simply opens the considerably stiff trash can cabinet in our kitchen, she is aware of precisely the right way to wiggle her little nostril to go decide some morsels out of there if she so needs. And each of them will fortunately snag no matter you will have (or had) on the counter and make it their subsequent meal. Fortunately, they’re fairly resilient when it comes to their abdomen, however nothing is protected. 

Educating to not counter surf could be executed, and it may be managed – however it’s very simple to slide up and develop into complacent with, say, a pleasant sized steak that all of the sudden turns into your hound’s dinner…

They will climb, and so they can dig. 

Yep. Nothing is an excessive amount of for a coonhound! Lucy (one in every of ours) will fortunately hop onto issues about 4 foot excessive prefer it’s nothing. That is why your tables, counters, and different issues are simply not protected from these inquisitive woofs.
And the digging? Yeah, they’ll make quick work out of something that’s not stone, so do watch out at boundaries! Some are extra inclined to digging than others, however all are very succesful of it.

Shelby the redbone coonhound howling up a tree wearing her fi series 2 collar
Shelby the redbone coonhound howling up a tree carrying her fi collar

Coonhounds: The Ugly.

The Howling.

They’ll doubtless by no means get a dependable recall

And… that is my largest drawback. Except you’re actually fortunate, then your coonhound’s recall won’t doubtless ever be really dependable. If a deer springs from the undergrowth? You had higher consider that your hound will go chasing it … for miles. 

This does imply issues like off leash hikes and gratifying moments like this? Turn into considerably restricted. 

You want a superb sized yard with a fence.

Coonhounds want off leash time, the place they will discover and sniff and do their factor. They want to be free at some stage, and have sufficient house to run, leap and climb. With out this, they will develop into stressed, or extra problematic with their behaviour indoors – and so they have to have the ability to howl too. A coonhound who can’t howl will doubtless not be a cheerful coonhound.

The specter of an endurance monster is actual.

So, within the coaching world there’s a legendary beast that turns into very widespread in energetic canine worlds referred to as an “Endurance Monster” – this can be a canine who has to go, go, go. Stopping isn’t an choice, leisure isn’t an choice. Often, they’re slightly pressured, their metabolism goes nineteen to the dozen and even gaining weight turns into powerful. 

Educating your coonhound an offswitch isn’t normally arduous, however the specter of over exercising 

The Hunt is paramount…

We’ve misplaced aluminium Guttering and the railway ties that held out patio in place to their hunt. My gorgeously painted woodshed is roofed in mucky pet paws – and so they undo quite a lot of the work we do round right here (like eradicating wooden from the woodshed). As a result of if there’s a mouse, vole, squirrel, or rabbit holed up in there? It received’t be for lengthy. Even snakes… something will do. Simply because they’re coonhounds, doesn’t imply that different issues don’t stimulate that drive in the identical approach… as a result of they do. 

Embark Urban dog harness worn by Lucy the coonhound
this one actually exhibits how a coonhound works, nostril to the ground and go, go, go.

Ideas For These Decided to Get A Coonhound

So, you’ve executed this complete piece, and you continue to need a coonhound? Nice! I’d all the time advocate rescuing (as a result of there are simply so many) however a purchase order from a accountable breeder is just not a foul alternative both. 

Nevertheless, I do have some suggestions for you:

Novices ought to know that one is healthier than two…

Go for one to start out with. As a result of they’re made to work cooperatively, so having two pushes these pure drivers into overdrive when each are fixating on a factor. 

Should you’re decided for 2? Get one, give it a few years and get a second if you’ve ‘completed’ coaching your first. 

Constructive coaching works

You don’t want to make use of a prong, and also you don’t want an ecollar, they will and can be taught, the identical approach they did generations in the past earlier than these instruments existed. They’re normally actually meals motivated and that works for something outdoors of the hunt, and in the event you can handle that scenario too? You then’re residence free. 

And begin your coaching journey eary! They’re by no means too younger to start out coaching and socializing!

Get a monitoring collar.

I like ours, we work with the Fi collection 2 collar – which implies that we’re protected even when one thing busts by way of our fence unexpectedly (which has occurred). Getting them residence protected and sound is a lot better than the choice and it provides you fantastic peace of thoughts that I can’t overstate the significance of. 

Don’t be tempted to cupboard-love them

They get chunky fairly fast. Particularly if the train isn’t there. Pleased hounds are match, wholesome, well-exercised (mentally and bodily) and well-rested. Not chunky and slovenly. Erring in direction of the latter will doubtless lead to some off-shoot behaviours that you simply’re not anticipating. So attempt to hold their steadiness for them – even when they attempt to let you know they’ve not been fed in a month when for a reality they’d breakfast.

I hope this has been useful. For coonhound house owners new and previous, breeders, rescues and trainers, please share it, let’s hold coonhounds out of shelters by protecting individuals knowledgeable of what they’re really getting in for.

Lucy the rebarkable coonhound standing on tree rounds
Lucy’s displaying off her goat-like nature by standing on issues which are taller than her – she’s a exhibit, huh?

The TLDR; Coonhound Model

Coonhounds will not be for the faint of coronary heart! They’re arduous work. Belief me, I do know! However in the event you assume you may give an exquisite, loving, affected person residence that permits as a lot freedom as potential to one in every of these beautiful canine? They’ll pay you again handsomely, and I do know that as a result of I like ours, irrespective of how troublesome they can be.



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