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Centrosaurus – Info and Footage

Fast Centrosaurus Info

  • Lived in what’s now referred to as Canada
  • Weighed as a lot as an Asian elephant
  • Had a nasal horn like a rhinoceros
  • Was about 2 automotive lengths lengthy
  • Could have traveled in giant packs like buffalo do

Centrosaurus Footage

About Centrosaurus

Centrosaurus is a species of dinosaur which lived roughly 76.5 to 75.5 million years in the past, throughout the Late Cretaceous Interval. It was first found in 1904 by Lawrence Lambe in 1903 and later categorised by him in 1904. This dinosaur was first found close to Crimson Deer River in Alberta, Canada, nevertheless it has additionally been found in Dinosaur Provincial Park in Alberta as properly. The identify of this dinosaur means “pointed lizard.”

When you look fastidiously at Centrosaurus photos, then you definitely’ll discover that it bears a resemblance to a muscular rhinoceros, or maybe a cross between a rhino and a triceratops. That’s as a result of it of its squat physique with low hanging head that has a really outstanding nasal horn hooked up to it. This animal additionally had an enormous bony plate that made up its neck frill – very very like a triceratops. Neck frills with protruding horns that almost definitely prevented its neck from being attacked.

Some fascinating information about Centrosaurus are that this dinosaur was roughly 20 toes lengthy and weighed roughly 6,000 kilos or 3 metric tons. That implies that it weighed as a lot as an Asian elephant. It is usually believed that these animals traveled in giant herds. This was in all probability to assist shield them from being attacked by carnivores corresponding to Albertosaurus. This principle is bolstered by the truth that a whole lot of Centrosaurus – lots of them youthful dinosaurs – have been present in Dinosaur Provincial Park. This might counsel predator assaults on a big scale. Almost definitely predators that adopted the herds and picked off the younger and/or the weak.

It’s believed that these dinosaurs have been herbivores, regardless of their fierce appears. That’s as a result of they didn’t have tooth like most carnivores, however as a substitute had sharp pincers that have been good for tearing via powerful plant materials. A number of the Cretaceous vegetation which might’ve in all probability been in its weight loss plan included: horsetails, ginkgo, Cycad, horsetails, magnolia and membership ferns. It in all probability consumed a whole lot of kilos of those vegetation each day.

In the mean time, the aim of their giant nasal horn remains to be unknown. In truth, it has been the topic of debate for over 100 years now. Some scientists imagine it was used primarily for self-protection from predators. Others imagine that it was used as a visible show for mating practices. As with the horn, the aim of the frill is unknown to scientists. Since it’s too skinny to supply any actual safety from predators, it has been theorized that it was both used as a method for Centrosaurus to acknowledge one another or for mating functions.

Centrosaurus Footage



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