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Catch Me If You Can, Mr. Waffles!

Right this moment’s weblog publish is one in every of our favorites from 2020, shortly after Miss Ellie grew to become a part of our household. It is one in every of our fur-favorites and we hope you take pleasure in it too! Ellie has grown up fairly a bit since these images, however she’s nonetheless a little bit peanut in comparison with Waffles in all his mancatly glory!

ELLIE:  Hey, Mister Waffles. I wager you’ll be able to’t catch me!

WAFFLES:  Did she critically simply say that? 

ELLIE:  Guess you’ll be able to’t! Guess you’ll be able to’t!

WAFFLES:  Oh yeah? I am like Supercat. I can leap tall scratching posts in a single sure. 

ELLIE:  Did you say SUPERCAT???

WAFFLES:  Single sure, Ellie. Single sure.

ELLIE:  Just a bit larger…nearly there.

WAFFLES:  Nearly continues to be simply nearly. 

ELLIE:  Solely a tiny bit extra…if I might simply…

WAFFLES:  Right here, let me provide you with a paw. 

ELLIE:  Hey, wait a minute! The place’d you go? Supercat???

About Right this moment’s Pictures

Waffles has been arduous at work instructing Ellie the way to use the scratching publish. She’s beginning to perceive the scratching side of it all, however hasn’t but managed to make it to the highest. She desires to SOOO badly! Glogirly even put a smaller scratcher subsequent to the pole to assist her, however she’s nonetheless just a bit too tiny to make it to the summit.

Quickly, Ellie Stomach. Quickly you will be a Supercat too.



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