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Carcass selecting: eradicating the feathers and defending the standard

The poultry feathers are non-edible and have to be completely eliminated throughout processing. The defeathering consists of transferring the carcasses alongside the selecting line the place rotating rubber finger slash the pores and skin and pull out the feathers from the follicles. Preserving the integrity of the carcasses as they endure this innately aggressive course of and guaranteeing an optimum defeathering on the identical time, requires the plant harmonizes the continual interplay among the many scalder, the carcasses, and the pickers!

Ing. Fabio G. Nunes – Poultry Processing Marketing consultant, Brazil

“With out a commonplace there is no such thing as a logical foundation for making a choice or taking motion.”

Joseph M. Juran (1904-2008) 

The first defeathering pre-requisite is the scalding, the place birds flowing in should have each toes uniformly hung on the bottommost of the shackles. The scalding efficiency tremendously determines the smoothness and efficaciousness of the feathers’ elimination, and therefore the general high quality of the carcasses out of the selecting line. 

The scalder width should match the broilers’ dwell weight to permit for an plentiful and intense circulation of scorching water round everywhere in the carcasses, which is liable for absolutely ruffling the feathers and optimizing the entry of the recent water to the follicles. Moreover, the dwelling time and water temperature within the tank should be rigorously set and managed with a purpose to safe the follicles will take in sufficient warmth thus contributing to an efficient and clean defeathering. From the expertise, a brief time-high temperature setting is preferable over an extended time-low temperature setting. Nonetheless, every plant should set its optimum dwelling time x temperature binomial based mostly by itself uncooked materials, equipments and operation particularities. 

Scalding for both white- or yellow-skinned carcasses is a matter of market choice. Nonetheless, you will need to bear in mind that yellow-skinned carcasses require longer scalding time at decrease temperature, and an extended and rougher, thus riskier, selecting course of when in comparison with white-skinned carcasses.

The farther aside the scalder exit and the pickers line are the upper the warmth misplaced by the carcasses alongside the way in which, what would possibly reduce the defeathering efficiency and threaten the carcass’ integrity. By expertise, a 10-second-long hole between them might lower the floor temperature of the carcasses by 4 levels Celsius. Consequently, within the absence of ground space constraint, set up the scalder and pickers shut one another in-line, in any other case place them the closest one another doable.

As soon as correctly scalded the carcasses are able to be defeathered. As defeathering is actually a mechanical course of, the common upkeep of the machines is essential to ensure the pickers are all the time in nice operational situations and therefore succesful to carry out an efficient and clean job. To realize so, maintain on to the upkeep program for the machines outlined by the producer.

The rubber fingers are the pickers’ coronary heart and the last word liable for an efficient, clean, and damage-free defeathering. Subsequently, all the time supply the perfect fingers accessible on the market. But typically costlier in comparison with odd fingers, they end result extra financial given their longer life allied to a superior efficiency. 

Rubber fingers are manufactured in numerous hardness. Subsequently, which one to make use of? As well as, is it finest becoming pickers with single-hardness or multiple-hardness fingers? The most effective solutions for each questions will come up from the evaluation of a few variables, like pickers sort and technology, scalding parameters, killing line velocity, birds dwell weight, and desired pores and skin colour, amongst others. 

Examine the fingers on daily basis and exchange the lacking, wore-down, and damaged ones instantly. Fingers in poor situation reduce the defeathering efficiency and are a confirmed explanation for damages to the carcasses, as properly. So, don’t save on them!  

The carcass pores and skin cools down alongside the selecting line, what impairs the feathers’ extraction, thus resulting in more durable selecting situations that, by its flip, would possibly translate into carcasses damages. To stop the pores and skin from cooling, thus contributing to defeathering smoothness, bathtub carcasses with lukewarm water (36.5-40.5 ºC) alongside the entire line. 

Lastly, by no means neglect the operator’s expertise in any decision-making course of concerning the operation. Do not forget that selecting isn’t just science, but additionally artwork, as an alternative!

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