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Barn Owl Pair Elevate First Ever Chicks | Full Story of Willow & Ghost’s 1st Breeding Season

On this video I look again at a UK barn owl pair named Willow & Ghost and comply with their first breeding season, from the time they first met to the day their three chicks fledge the nest.

Barn Owl Cams

Surveillance cameras hidden inside barn owl nests in my North Yorkshire backyard imply I’m able to comply with the person lives of owls and share their distinctive characters with you.

Barn Owl Courtship

The season begins in January 2021 when barn owls Willow & Ghost first pair up. Each owls are younger and inexperienced and their awkwardness is palpable. Ghost, who will get his identify from his pale colouring, is definitely recognisable – a simple solution to inform the distinction between female and male barn owls is that the males are normally whiter.

Selecting A Nest

However their first breeding season will get off to a poor begin after the pair appear hopelessly indecisive. Barn owls usually nest in spring, and the method usually begins with the male selecting a website after which encouraging the feminine in to examine it.

Combating Over Nest Websites

True to kind, Ghost chooses a nest field I put up for owls right here in my backyard at Fotherdale in North Yorkshire. Sycamore Stump appears superb and when Ghost exhibits it to Willow she appears to agree, however there’s a drawback. A pair of resident kestrel additionally need this nest and these falcons are ferocious!

Late Brood

The kestrels lose the battle for the field and Ghost and Willow retreat to a field in one other a part of the backyard, named Barn Owl Field. Sadly, Willow doesn’t appear to approve and Ghost is a really inexperienced lover so the pair don’t breed right here. As a substitute, they wait till the kestrel household have vacated the Sycamore nest stump and so Willow doesn’t lay her eggs till late July.

The Chicks

Willow lays 4 eggs in complete, at intervals of two/3 days, and the chicks hatch as August slips into September. That is very late for barn owl chicks to hatch – most are fledging by now. Sadly the youngest chick doesn’t survive and Willow feeds it to the others – though this appears merciless, barn owls don’t waste meals and it’s not uncommon for a chick to eat its sibling.

Rising Up

Watching these barn owl infants develop is fascinating. Viewers of my livestream named the chicks Ginger, Cinnamon and Clove, names that suited their lovely colouring as their feathers grew.

Meals Is Scarce

However it rapidly turns into clear that first time dad Ghost is a poor supplier. Male barn owls usually work around the clock to feed their younger households, however this household are at risk of ravenous and I resolve to assist out – providing meals to the younger to maintain them alive.

Time To Fly

My technique works and as October strikes into November, the three chicks take their first flights.





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