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A Carnivorous Sundew – ZOOMOLOGY BLOG

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Sundews (Genus: Drosera)

The title ‘Drosera‘ comes from the Greek ‘drosos‘ that means ‘dew’ or ‘dewdrops’. They’re one of many largest genera of carnivorous vegetation on the planet.

Like all members of their household (Droseraceae), they lure, seize, and digest bugs utilizing a thick, gluey substance referred to as mucilage which they’ve on stalks masking their leaves. The bugs are used to complement the poor mineral vitamin of the soil through which the vegetation develop.

Drosera stenopetala

The pictures on this put up have been taken by Tom and I throughout our stint volunteering with kākāpō on Whenua Hou Island, New Zealand, in November 2018. You possibly can learn extra about our journey right here.

We got here throughout a big patch of Drosera stenopetala alongside a moist monitor close to the summit of the island.

The monitor on Whenua Hou Island alongside which we discovered our patch of Drosera stenopetala
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They’re such exceptional, little vegetation. However, as a result of their measurement, they’d be fairly straightforward to march previous except you have been taking the time to take a look at the small world beneath your toes.

The world beneath our toes
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Drosera stenopetala is an alpine sundew, of which New Zealand has solely two species. It’s New Zealand’s solely endemic consultant of this genus. The opposite alpine sundew, Drosera arcturi, is native to each New Zealand and Australia.

Can you notice the insect the sundew has captured within the picture beneath?

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Drosera stenopetala fruits within the hotter months between November and March, and recedes into dormancy over winter. They produce a solitary white flower that stands at about twice the peak of the leaves (see above). This was our first time photographing one in flower! They then produce tiny seeds which might be dispersed by the wind.

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We actually loved this excellent encounter, even when we’re very gradual in posting today! Our two little boys have been maintaining us very busy. Not too busy to benefit from the nice outdoor not less than, simply too busy to really doc it in weblog type. 😆 We hope to have a write one other put up quickly. Till then!

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