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22 BLACK and WHITE Birds Present in the US!

Did you lately see a thriller BLACK and WHITE chicken in the US?

black and white birds in the united states

If that’s the case, I’m guessing you are attempting to establish the species accurately!


Nicely, you’re in the suitable place. Under, you’ll be taught concerning the completely different BLACK and WHITE chickens present in the US. I’ve included high-quality photos and vary maps that can assist you!


Luckily, lots of the black and white birds listed under go to chicken feeders, so you have got an incredible probability of attracting them to your yard. Should you’re extremely lucky, you might even see one at my chicken feeding station proper now! I’ve a LIVE high-definition digicam watching my chicken feeders 24/7. 🙂


22 BLACK and WHITE birds that reside in the US:


#1. White-breasted Nuthatch

common black and white birds in the united states

Identifying Traits:

  • Each sexes look virtually the identical.
  • Males have a black cap on the highest of their heads.
  • Females show a lighter, extra grey crown.


White-breasted Nuthatches are compact birds with no neck, a brief tail, and a protracted pointy invoice. Colorwise, they’ve distinctive white cheeks and chest, a black again and stripes, and a grey again.

White-breasted Nuthatch Vary Map

Search for these gray, black, and white birds in the US in deciduous forests. However they adapt properly to the presence of people and are sometimes seen at parks, cemeteries, and wooded backyards visiting chicken feeders. Use sunflower seeds, peanuts, suet, safflower seeds, and mealworms to draw nuthatches.


These birds are extremely vocal AND make distinctive noises which are comparatively straightforward to establish! You might be most definitely to listen to a “yank” name, which is given at any time of yr. This loud and distinctive noise is usually repeated a number of occasions in a row. (Press PLAY to pay attention under)    

#2. Darkish-eyed Junco

species of black and white birds in the united states

Figuring out traits:

  • Easy and soft-looking slate grey with a white stomach.
  • Small pale invoice, lengthy tail with white outer feathers.


Darkish-eyed Juncos are most likely the commonest black and white birds in the US. A latest estimate units their inhabitants round 630 million.


You may simply establish these sparrows by how clean their feathers look. It seems like they might be as gentle as a chinchilla to the touch. 🙂

Darkish-eyed Junco Vary Map

dark eyed junco range map

This species is present in pine and mixed-coniferous forests after they breed, however in winter, they’re in fields, parks, woodlands, and backyards. Darkish-eyed Juncos like to go to feeders within the winter, however ONLY ON THE GROUND, the place they eat fallen seeds.


#3. Black-capped Chickadee

small black and white birds in the united states


These black and white birds are one of the crucial beloved species in the US, and it’s straightforward to see why! Black-capped Chickadees are sometimes described as “cute.” They’re tiny, with an outsized head that includes a black cap and bib.


Naturally, search for them in open deciduous forests, thickets, and cottonwood groves. In addition they adapt simply to the presence of individuals and are widespread to see in backyards and parks.

Black-capped Chickadee Vary Map

black capped chickadee range map


The truth is, when you arrange a brand new chicken feeder, chickadees will doubtless be the primary birds to go to, as they’re interested in something new of their territory. The very best meals to make use of are sunflower seeds, peanuts, and suet. Their small dimension and athletic potential imply these birds can use nearly any kind of feeder!


#4. Carolina Chickadee

common black and white birds in the united states


Carolina Chickadees are small birds with a particular black cap and bib, pale white cheeks, a grey again, and white underparts. Each men and women look the identical.


It is best to be capable to spot these black and white birds in the US in deciduous and blended woodlands and swampy areas. Carolina Chickadees additionally adapt properly to people and are extraordinarily widespread in parks and suburban and concrete backyards!

Carolina Chickadee Vary Map

carolina chickadee range map


Like most chickadees, they’re intensely curious and clever. Attempt attracting them to your yard by providing a combination of sunflower seeds, peanuts, and suet. Due to their small dimension and acrobatic skills, they will use virtually each kind of chicken feeder.


#5. Northern Mockingbird

black and white birds

Figuring out Traits:

  • Medium-sized songbird with a LONG, slender tail.
  • Distinctive white wing patches which are seen when in flight.


These black and white birds are exhausting to overlook in the US!


First, Northern Mockingbirds LOVE to sing, they usually not often cease. Typically they’ll even sing via the complete evening. If this occurs to you, it’s suggested to maintain your home windows closed if you wish to get any sleep. 🙂

Northern Mockingbird Vary Map

northern mockingbird range map

As well as, Northern Mockingbirds have daring personalities. For instance, it’s widespread for them to harass different birds by flying slowly round them after which approaching with their wings up, exhibiting off their white wing patches.


They’re widespread in backyards however not often eat from chicken feeders. Nonetheless, I’ve heard from many individuals complaining that mockingbirds are scaring away the opposite birds from their feeders, despite the fact that mockingbirds don’t eat from feeders themselves!


#6. Downy Woodpecker

Common black and white birds - woodpeckers

Figuring out Traits:

  • A shorter invoice that’s comparatively small in comparison with different woodpecker species.
  • White bellies, with a largely black again that options streaks and spots of white.
  • Male birds have a particular pink spot on the again of their head.


Downy Woodpeckers are one of the crucial widespread black and white birds in the US!


Naturally, they’re seen in deciduous woods which have a water supply close by. However these birds have tailored properly to human growth and are generally noticed in suburban backyards, parks, orchards, and cemeteries.

Downy Woodpecker Vary Map

Fortunately, this black and white species is simple to attract to your yard. The very best meals to make use of are suet, sunflower seeds, and peanuts (together with peanut butter). Chances are you’ll even spot them ingesting sugar water out of your hummingbird feeders! Should you use suet merchandise to draw woodpeckers, use a specialised suet chicken feeder.


#7. Bushy Woodpecker

Types of black and white woodpeckers

Figuring out Traits:

  • Their our bodies are black and white total with a protracted, chisel-like invoice.
  • Male birds might be recognized by a pink patch on their heads, which females lack.


These black and white birds are widespread in the US in mature forests, suburban backyards, city parks, swamps, orchards, and even cemeteries. Look-wise, Bushy Woodpeckers have been in comparison with troopers, as they’ve cleanly striped heads and an erect, straight-backed posture whereas on timber.

Bushy Woodpecker Vary Map

Bushy Woodpeckers might be tough to establish as a result of they give the impression of being virtually equivalent to Downy Woodpeckers! These two birds are complicated to many individuals and current an issue when determining the proper species.

Listed below are 3 methods to distinguish Bushy vs. Downy Woodpeckers:


  • Bushy Woodpeckers are bigger and measure 9 – 11 inches lengthy, which is about the identical dimension as an American Robin. A Downy is smaller and solely measures 6 – 7 inches in size, barely larger than a Home Sparrow.


  • Wanting on the dimension of their payments in relation to their head is my FAVORITE option to inform these woodpeckers aside. Downys have a tiny invoice, which measures a bit lower than half the size of their head, whereas Hairys have a invoice virtually the identical size as their head.

Outer tail feathers:

  • If all else fails, attempt to get a superb take a look at their outer tail feathers. Hairys might be fully white, whereas Downys are noticed black.


*Only a warning that the majority species of woodpeckers are black and white. So if the chicken you noticed was a woodpecker however NOT a Downy or Bushy, take a look at the under article for added assist.* 🙂


#8. Snow Bunting

types of black and white birds in the united states

Identifying Traits:

  • Spherical bodied with a brief thick conical invoice.
  • Breeding males are virtually all white, with black on the again.
  • Females and non-breeding males are white however have brown-streaked backs and brownish heads.


These charming black and white birds are a delight to see in the US!


However since Snow Buntings select frigid areas excessive within the Arctic to breed, your greatest probability to seek out them is in winter in open fields alongside the roadside.

Snow Bunting Vary Map

snow bunting range map


Even in summer time, Snow Buntings should work exhausting to maintain their hatchlings heat sufficient to outlive. They construct their nests within the deep cracks of rocks and use a thick fur lining to guard the eggs. They by no means actually go away the nest, making certain it stays heat, and the male comes and feeds the mom each fifteen minutes.


#9. Widespread Loon

common loon

Figuring out Traits:

  • Lengthy our bodies with a robust, thick, dagger-like invoice. They sit low within the water.
  • Breeding adults have a black head and a black and white checkerboard again.
  • Non-breeding adults are a lot duller and have a uniformly grayish again and head.


Widespread Loons are one in all my FAVORITE black and white birds in the US.


These attractive waterbirds are robust and quick swimmers and routinely catch fish in high-speed underwater chases. The truth is, they’ve even tailored stable bones (most chicken bones are hole), which makes it simpler to dive since they’re much less buoyant.

Widespread Loon Vary Map

common loon range map


To assist forestall different birds from stealing their meals, Widespread Loons sometimes swallow their prize whereas nonetheless underwater. And to make sure the slippery fish doesn’t escape as soon as caught, loons have rear-facing projections inside their mouth that sink in and supply a decent grip.


One in all my favourite issues about these black and white birds is the great, eerie sounds they make. Hear for a repertoire of vocalizations, which all signify one thing. LISTEN BELOW!


For instance, their tremolo calls are used when alarmed. Yodeling is given by males to announce their territories. And their well-known haunting wail calls assist mated pairs find one another.


#10. Widespread Goldeneye

common goldeneyes

The right way to establish:

  • Males have a darkish inexperienced head, a vivid yellow eye, and a particular white cheek patch. The physique is generally white with a black again and rump.
  • Females have a brown head, a brief darkish invoice with a yellow tip on the finish, and a pale yellow eye. Search for their white neck collar and grayish our bodies.


Widespread Goldeneyes are skilled diving geese. These birds can keep underwater for as much as a minute as they seek for their prey, which incorporates aquatic invertebrates, fish, fish eggs, together with seeds and tubers from submerged vegetation.


Fortunately, their inhabitants has remained robust and secure. One in all their largest threats is that they’re cavity nesters and depend upon forestry practices that don’t minimize down lifeless timber. Many devoted individuals have put up nest bins of their breeding vary to assist present extra good nesting spots.

Widespread Goldeneye Vary Map

common goldeneye range map

Hunters generally check with the Widespread Goldeneye because the “whistler” due to their wings’ distinctive whistling noises when flying.


*Only a warning that numerous different geese in the US are black and white, however the Widespread Goldeneye is the one one on this checklist. So if the chicken you noticed was a duck however NOT a Widespread Goldeneye, take a look at the under article for added assist.* 🙂


#11. Rose-breasted Grosbeak

Kinds of black and white birds in United States

Figuring out Traits:

  • Stocky birds with a big, triangular invoice. Concerning the dimension of an American Robin.
  • Males have black backs and wings, with a particular pink mark on their white breast.
  • Females are closely streaked with white eyebrows and a pale invoice.


These black and white birds are widespread guests to feeders in the US!


It’s straightforward to see how these lovely birds acquired their title. One take a look at the males, and also you’ll instantly discover the brilliant pink plumage topping their white breasts. Alternatively, females might be tough to establish, as they give the impression of being much like many different brown birds.


Rose-breasted Grosbeaks use their big triangular invoice to crack open sunflower seeds in backyards. I’ve by no means seen one in all them use a tube feeder; I don’t assume the perches present sufficient area. So as a substitute, the very best feeders to draw them are hoppers, platforms, or trays.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak Vary Map

Rose-breasted Grosbeak males sing to determine territories and appeal to females. Sadly, when the feminine reveals up, the male typically performs hard-to-get, rejecting her for a day or two earlier than lastly accepting her as a mate! However to make up for this conduct, they offer the females a break and assist sit on the nest to maintain the eggs heat.


#12. Black-and-White Warbler

black and white warblers

Figuring out Traits:

  • The physique coloring is streaked black and white, with black wings and two white wing bars.


Black-and-White Warblers are one of the crucial placing birds in the US!


Their contrasting black and white streaks make them appear like they’ve been painted in zebra print. Each men and women have black and white streaks on their heads and white eyebrows with a black bar beneath.

Search for them in mature forests with a mixture of deciduous and coniferous timber. Black-and-White Warblers have additionally been identified to reside in swampy forests within the southern a part of their vary.


Like most different warblers, they eat bugs and spiders, however they’re distinctive in how they forage. As a substitute of choosing via leaf litter on the bottom, these proficient birds stroll up and down tree trunks trying to find tasty bites within the bark!


#13. Blackpoll Warbler

black and white warbler birds

Figuring out Traits:

  • Their coloring is black, white, and grey.
  • A black cap, white cheeks, and gray-barred wings are typical.


The Blackpoll Warbler’s music is so high-pitched it’s typically known as nature’s listening to check! The quick, chipping music can simply be confused for an insect. It lasts about three seconds and feels like “tsit tsit TSIT TSIT tsit tsit.”


Blackpoll Warblers journey big distances between their breeding grounds and their winter habitat for such small birds. They’ll fly nonstop for as much as three days over the ocean to their winter house in South America!

This migration takes a mixture of endurance, meals shops, and prevailing wind that pushes them towards their vacation spot. It’s really an unbelievable feat!


To assist this little black and white chicken with its annual journey, contemplate planting native timber or bushes that the warblers can use as a resting and foraging cease.


#14. Lark Bunting

lark bunting

Identifying Traits:

  • A big sparrow that has a round-shaped and thick conical invoice.
  • Males are black with a white patch on their wing and a bluish-gray invoice.
  • Females and immature males are brown, black, and white, speckled with thick gentle brown streaks on the breast and a pale white stripe over the attention.


Males are straightforward to establish as a result of they’re virtually all black, aside from the white feathers on their wings.


Lark Buntings stroll or hop whereas trying to find meals in open areas. However the fascinating factor they’ll do is gallop on the bottom when chasing a fast-running insect. Females have been discovered to run sooner than males. 🙂

Lark Bunting Vary Map

lark bunting range map


Each sexes might be aggressive when different birds come into their territory. Males flick their wings, transfer their our bodies, and ruffle their feathers. On the similar time, females will chase different birds away from their nests.


#15. Loggerhead Shrike

loggerhead shrike

Figuring out Traits:

  • Gray songbird with a chunky black masks.
  • Black wings. Distinguished white flashes seem throughout flight.
  • Search for their distinctive hooked invoice.


Don’t let their small dimension idiot you.


These white, black, and gray birds are deadly predators in the US!


Loggerhead Shrikes eat a wide range of prey gadgets, together with birds, bugs, lizards, and small mammals. They’re sometimes present in grasslands, the place they hunt by perching themselves on a fence, utility put up, or one other distinguished perch.

Loggerhead Shrike Vary Map

loggerhead shrike range map

They’ve even tailored to searching meals that’s toxic to different species. A Monarch Butterfly is a good instance, which is poisonous to most animals because of the milkweed it consumes. However Loggerhead Shrikes don’t care. They’ll impale the butterfly, then let it sit for just a few days earlier than consuming it, which gives time for the poisons to interrupt down!


#16. Swallow-tailed Kite

swallow tailed kite

Figuring out Traits:

  • Search for the deeply forked black tail and pointed wings flying within the sky.
  • Lengthy and slender.
  • The white head and underparts distinction with the black again and tail.


These black and white birds are unmistakable when flying over the southern United States!


First, seeing the massive forked tail is a lifeless giveaway that you simply’re watching a Swallow-tailed Kite. As well as, these raptors are extremely acrobatic and carry out all types of aerial turns, rolls, and dives!


Sadly, Swallow-tailed Kites will not be in the US lengthy. After just a few months of elevating their younger throughout summer time, they migrate again to South America for the winter.

Swallow-tailed Kite Vary Map

swallow tailed kite range map

Curiously, these black and white birds generally eat bugs that sting! They’re identified to carry whole wasps’ nests again to their nest for a feast.


#17. Japanese Kingbird

eastern kingbird

Figuring out Traits:

  • Medium-sized chicken with black head and again.
  • White underparts.
  • Distinct white-tipped tail.


Search for these black and white birds in the US in open areas.


Sadly, Japanese Kingbirds aren’t in North America lengthy. In the direction of the tip of summer time, these long-distance migrants fly again to South America to spend the winter.

Japanese Kingbird Vary Map

eastern kingbird range map


Japanese Kingbirds are sometimes noticed perching on fence posts, wires, or uncovered vegetation as they watch and look ahead to bugs to fly previous. As soon as their prey is seen, they fly out to seize their meal. To swallow giant bugs complete, kingbirds usually should beat them towards their perch to melt them up!

Japanese Kingbirds might be VERY aggressive in direction of one another and different species when defending their nests and territories. They’re identified to assault animals a lot bigger than themselves, reminiscent of squirrels, hawks, eagles, and crows! The truth is, their scientific title Tyrannus means “king or tyrant,” which is how these birds are likely to act!


#18. Black-billed Magpie

large black and white birds in the united states

Figuring out Traits:

  • A big black and white chicken with a protracted tail.
  • In the suitable gentle, you may see lovely blue iridescent feathers on the wings and tail.


It’s exhausting to overlook these black and white birds in the US!


Black-billed Magpies demand your consideration. They’re very social, noisy, and cozy dwelling amongst individuals and are generally seen in smaller cities. Naturally, they reside in open grasslands and plains and have a tendency to keep away from dense forests.

Black-billed Magpie Vary Map

Being a part of the corvid household, which additionally contains jays and crows, Black-billed Magpies are extremely clever. One fascinating conduct is that they appear to have funerals after they uncover a deceased magpie. Particular person birds will start calling loudly to draw extra magpies, finally having as many as 40 birds gathered for 10-Quarter-hour earlier than flying away silently.


#19. Black-necked Stilt

common black and white shorebirds in the united states

Figuring out Traits:

  • Adults are black above and white under with white across the eyes.
  • They’ve needle-like payments and rosy pink legs.


These delicate-looking black and white birds favor open habitats in the US with restricted vegetation and shallow water. Black-necked Stilts forage by wading in shallow waters. They sometimes seize meals off the water’s floor with their invoice, however additionally they catch flying bugs or chase small fish into the shallows.


Through the breeding season, Black-necked Stilts interact in animated courtship shows. Simply earlier than mating, the pair will dip their payments within the water after which preen whereas dealing with one another. This motion turns into very frenzied and entails a variety of splashing. It’s fairly a energetic show and unmistakable when you spot it!


Nesting stilts typically type a hoop round an approaching predator, calling loudly, flapping their wings, and leaping up and down in what researchers check with as a “popcorn show.” This species is even identified to behave aggressively towards people, placing from behind with their legs.


#20. Crested Caracara

crested caracara

Figuring out Traits:

  • Massive, long-legged, and the looks of a flat head.
  • Black physique and cap. White neck and cheeks.
  • Orangish pores and skin round their face. Yellow legs.


Crested Caracaras are extremely distinctive. Whereas they’re technically falcons, most individuals assume they appear like hawks. However to make issues extra complicated, they act like vultures, as their major meals supply is carrion. Consequently, they are sometimes seen scavenging on carcasses subsequent to vultures.

caracara and vulture

As in case you are not already confused about Crested Caracaras, among the best locations to seek out these black and white birds within the southern United States is ON THE GROUND, as they spend a variety of time right here strolling round. It’s additionally pretty widespread for these falcons to run down reside prey, which incorporates reptiles, bugs, and small mammals.


Crested Caracaras will not be that widespread in the US and are seen extra usually in Mexico and South America. However when you come throughout one, there is no such thing as a different chicken that appears related!


#21. Western Grebe

  • Aechmophorus occidentalis

western grebe

Figuring out Traits:

  • A slender water chicken with a protracted neck and lengthy dagger-like invoice.
  • Black upperparts and a black cap on their head.
  • White neck and cheeks. Crimson eyes.


Western Grebes are sometimes present in deep inland lakes with marshy edges in the course of the summer time breeding season, then they migrate to the Pacific Ocean for the rest of the yr. It’s uncommon to ever see these black and white birds ashore in the US.

Western Grebe Vary Map

western grebe range map

One take a look at their invoice, and you’ll inform that Western Grebes are consultants at catching fish. They take lengthy, deep dives searching for their prey. Curiously, whereas preening themselves, they have a tendency to eat their feathers, that are thought to assist defend their abdomen from sharp fish bones!


Western Grebes are identified for his or her elaborate courtship show, which you need to SEE to consider. (Press PLAY under to look at) The female and male carry themselves out of the water and run throughout it collectively, ending with a dive. This “dashing ceremony” sometimes signifies that two people will quickly be breeding collectively.

#22. Clark’s Grebe

clark's grebes

Figuring out Traits:

  • A slender water chicken with a protracted neck and lengthy dagger-like invoice.
  • Black upperparts and a black cap on their head.
  • White neck and cheeks. Crimson eyes.


Clark’s Grebes are virtually equivalent to Western Grebes. The truth is, they have been thought-about the identical species till 1985, when it was discovered they’ve variations of their DNA, make completely different calls, and virtually by no means interbreed.

Clark’s Grebe Vary Map

clarks grebe range map


There are two methods to distinguish a Clark’s Grebe from a Western Grebe:

western vs clarks grebe

  • First, the invoice of a Clark’s Grebe tends to be a extra vivid orange-yellow colour.
  • Second, the black cap doesn’t attain right down to the attention in a Clark’s Grebe. Black plumage surrounds the pink eyes of a Western Grebe.


Clark’s Grebes even carry out the identical “dashing ceremony,” which you’ll be able to watch above, that Western Grebes use to solidify their mating associate.


Which of those BLACK and WHITE birds have you ever seen earlier than in the US?


Go away a COMMENT under. Ensure you inform us WHERE you noticed the chicken. 🙂



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